June 2022 Monthly Performance Report In Telos Foundation - Extreme Progress Is A Measure Of Success

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This month has totally been a blast in all areas of responsibilities. To measure success, should not come from the metrics produced but how the team has created an impact through the goals being set and hit these previous months.

Indeed a successful Semi-Annual performance done by the team as a whole and individually. Though there would be some areas of improvement (which we are very open for any feedback), we will take everything as a challenge to become better.

Here it is:


We ended up the chart on May 24 last month so we will start on May 25 and will end on June 28. So the next month of July 2022, it should start with June 29. The super highlight of the Telos Facebook Group is the time we hit 3,000 members this month. The last time we gained 2,000 members was last August 2021. Took us 10 months to gain 1,000 members but took us only a few days to gain 600 members in this month as well. We now have 3,600++ members.

In the following metrics, it will cover 34 days instead of the usual 28 days pre-set by facebook.

We are happy to share to everyone that there have been tons of community members that we have (around 1,284 people) who participated within the community these whole month.


Let's compare the last graph from this month:
(Left side would be this current month June 2022 and right side would be last month of May 2022).


Increase percentage:

Number of views:


We will also fetch the data of last month to compare the progress.

To check the increase percentage, here it is:

Let's go to engagement:
This was actually really mind-blowing figures which we didn't think would be possible.


Let's compare the previous month:

Let's see the increase this month:
Posts: From 190 last month, it gained 515 posts this month of June.
This reached a whooping 190% increase
These posts have been shared by the community members and admins too in the Facebook Group.
The community members expressed their excitement with all the posts we share as well.
From 1,432 comments last month to 7,224 this June. With a surprising 405% increase!
The community is now receptive to the great news we share, the reason they are all happy about it.
From 5,000 reactions last month which we thought impossible to break, it is now 27,000 reactions this month of June. A mind-blowing 440% increase!

What more can we ask for!? The community is unstoppable in being very active inside the facebook group. We would wish for all you guys to join as well.
Here: Telos Facebook Group

I would say that the Telos Facebook LIVE of Neo (@neopch) has been a great factor in reaching these figures.


I am confident that the Telos Eagles also did a great job on Twitter too.


I must admit, I have not reached my full potentials this month but I am happy with my LunarCrush ranking result.



By the end of the week, I was happy to see myself in the 3rd place today.


My one month performance leads me to become the top 14 from last month's top 28.
With GeeGee on Top 5.


Check this out on Twitter)

(Just updated today June 30, 2022) Now Top 11 on Lunarcrush for this month of June.


This is another milestone for me and it all came from my pure hard work of always being online too.

5 of the Telos Eagles are inside the Top 23-32

Toushik and Ravel who recently just had 500 followers are now here very fast:


and of course Stefano just landed inside the Top 50.


I have also recognized two of my top performing Telos Eagles because of their abundant contributions to the growth of the community through their efforts and doing their tasks very well. I have selected BeeCeeBee and GeeGee to be leaders of their own respective teams. I have subdivided the major tasks that we do so the Ambassadors could focus on where they're good at.


I will then focus more on planning, strategy, collaboration to each departments (community management, growth, prime Telos sub-groups, ecosystem, etc.), biz dev lead distribution, MissionNFT Referral Bounty, discord supervision and anything that the higher TF would direct us.

This chart indicates the primary roles of the Telos Eagles.


Nikka would be temporarily be assigned in the Telos Sparrows for now while she is taking her Board Exams Review.

Effective this July 2022!

We are now gathering most active community members that have contributed astounding efforts in the Telos Facebook group, APPICS, Twitter to join us and get paid thru the compensation of Javator and Nikka's slots in the Telos Eagles.

The Sparrows

Lunarcrush Monthly Final Rankings: Updated June 30, 2022


Everyone can take a quick look at themselves.

Reddit Outreach

Effective this July as well for strict compliance with the output.

Imagine 152 posts being shared in r/crypto , r/defi, r/coinmarketcap and anything crypto-related will definitely make Telos well-known sooner or later.

Let's go to Discord:
I have assigned 4 Ambassadors to be in charge of the Discord supervision especially in the General chats and NFT channels.

Automatically if they will be assigned in the Discord chat, they will still have the option to do Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook but NOT necessary.

  • We will focus more on Discord because there are already lots of TF who are always in the Telegram chats to check on the community members inquiries.

  • We also have collaborated and participated with TheBigGooey's activities in his Telegram chat to strengthen our support to the MissionNFT.

  • We are also going to highlight 2-3 Block Producers per week to the community.

  • We are still continuing our TF Board of Directors Reach-out for whatever campaigns they are initiating like Erika and Betty.

Biz Dev Tasks
We already have completed Week 2 of the tasks given to us by AJ through the supervision of our Department Director Thomas.
Week 1
Week 2
We are now gearing for Week 3 to be distributed today.

Congratulations to Patricia, one of our Telos Owls, who were able to onboard two NFT Creators who started minting in the Telos EVM already.

Neo will have another video coming out soon to be shared in YouTube. Good job Wildmonk for the short videos created for Telos. We are so happy that in one month being with Telos Eagles, Stefano is now already in the Top 50 in Lunarcrush promoting Telos.

Great times ahead of us!

Thank you everyone for always being there to support our initiatives.

This is Fycee

Current organizational chart of our department:



Congratulations team! Such HUGE growth! 🔥💪♥️🥰

Congratulations team!! And congratulations @fycee for your leadership!

Congratulations team 🥳
All are doing great ❤️ Hopefully with the next updates we will be able to reach 2x people compared to the current status 😍

Excellent work congratulations to the whole team

Congratulations team. Just starting, long way to go.

Congrats Team and our Greatest Leader @fycee. Let's rock again in July :)))

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