May 2022 Monthly Performance Report In Telos Foundation - New Strategies Executed w/ High Success Rate

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The MissionNFT and this week (and the next few ones) for TelosEVM2.0 are still the Top Priority as we HELP the TF-Marketing Team to bring great results to reach their goals. .. err.. our goals... as a whole team.
We have minimized the reddit campaign a little bit to include these initiatives coming from the Marketing Team and the Operations.

Cover photo of this post to highlight the most significant update that we have is when we got listed to Huobi Global Exchange yesterday.

Telos Network Official Facebook Account hits 3,000 members. In a day or two days time, there have been an added 100+ members fast.
We have reached 2,000 members last August 12, 2021 and it took 9 months for us to gain a thousand members but it's definitely worth it. I still remember when I first got into Telos, it was still less than 500. Then created a lot of strategies to generically grow our community. Eventually, all my hard work paid off and the rest is history. Thanks to my team when they got in here last November, we have started growing this much.

Another great news is that one of our Telos Eagles has a major announcement and just waiting for the official Telos account in Twitter to post.

The Telos Eagles / Ambassadors are the ones in the Top 10 creating tons of tweets for the whole month of May 2022.

Twitter Post
In this post, we have also acknowledged and recognized the top influencers that are tweeting much about Telos too.
Not far behind are our great leaders Justin (the Telos Foundation CEO) and Douglas (The TCD Head). We thank you both for the exemplary outcome of what Telos has become these days together with the whole TF team members. Most especially the whole community itself. We know who are the highly-involved ones in this aligned goals.

I have developed this Tri-monthly evaluation to assess everyone in my team's performance as well and actually target the things that needs improvement.
Check it all out here: @fycee

Here are the stats:

In terms of growth
April 27-May 24, 2022

Giving us a 37.6 increase this month.
But just to give everyone a heads-up, it is so much to that I really don't know where these numbers are coming from. The best process to do this is to get the raw data by downloading the excel file and sending it to my immediate superior Thomas Schmeid.

Number of people viewing our posts:

There are tons of people even outside the facebook group are also viewing our posts because I have instructed GeeGee and the other mods to share to their walls whatever they post in the community facebook group as well (and to some other crypto-related groups too, blockchain, NFT and DeFi)

To compare these figures (of May 2022) to last month (April 2022), here it is:

Up by 33% increase versus last month.

Let's check how engaging these people are once they now get to see the posts that we share:

To compare the actual stats from last month, here it is:


To sum it all up the last 3 months:

Note for myself: For the next month's metrics (June 2022), I would need to start on May 24, 2022 to base my indicators.

Lunar Crush Rankings: Screenshot taken today May 25, 2022 Philippines Time.

Monthly Ranking- "Telos Most Influential" - Telos Ambassadors only
GeeGee on Top 7

From last month's Top 11. 4 notch higher.

Me Fycee and @nikkabomb in Top 28 and 31 consecutively.
From last month's
Fycee - Top 36 = 8 notch higher
Nikka - Top 26 = 5 notch lower

@joshruiz - Top 39, @neopch - Top 43 and BeeCeeBee - Top 45
From last month's
Josh - Top 35
Neo - Top 50
BeeCeeBee - Top 47

Good job Telos Eagles for making it to the Top 50 for the last 3 month!

Congratulations to our new Telos Eagle Rodel (Rendhel) making it to the cut!


So proud of you!

Javator on the other hand is in Top 62! Good job still.

Twitter Analytics!
My stats:
As expected, it is in all green of course (bragging aside)


Checking the whole moth of May itself:


To compare to last month (April 2022)

Giving me a 101% increase this month.

Telos Eagles and Owls Twitter analytics

Our new Telos Eagle simply did his best to really maintain his stats in all facets of our metrics indeed. Kudos to your dedication and hard work.
A message from our Telos Foundation Board of Director Betty, acknowledged by our Board Chairman Erika.



I was astounded to see a whooping 100k Tweet Impressions!

Good job Ravel! Whatever you did with your account, keep it up! So proud of you buddy!








A whooping 172,000 Tweet impressions with 661 Tweets!

I mean GIRL you don't sleep? Hahaha! Being the Top 7 in one whole month being a Telos influencer deserves something big for you in the future! Telos Foundation leaders should see how dedicated you were!


In the past 90 days in Telos Facebook account, you have also given such exemplary performance.
164 Posts
455 reactions

So far doing great!




Who is so ready now to be a Senior Telos Eagle!


Top Reddit posts this month of May 2022 by the Telos Eagles:



Congratulations to the team especially to you, frenny!

Thank You Fycee for that portion of our statistics :) Together we are stronger than ever. Let's keep building!

Congratulations to all and keep up the good work. God Bless 😇

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Dear @fycee, we need your help!

The Hivebuzz proposal already got important support from the community. However, it lost its funding a few days ago and only needs a few more HP to get funded again.

May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work this year?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency, /
or using HiveSigner.

Your support would be really helpful and you could make a difference.
Thank you!