May 2022 Third Week Report - Telos Ambassadors

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Trying hard to create my own NFT even though I am not good at it, I need to get myself involved with the community hype too! I have prepared some funds of my own to support the NFT community artists. I have transferred a few amount to my NEW TelosEVM wallet address. I will try to buy at least 2-3 NFT's per week to support the cause! Trust me, I love the community and I can't even notice I am even working here.

This is the NFT I have created. Check the moving one as a GIF here

1 Week of Twitter Activities gave us this rankings of the most influential people in the Telos Network.
Congratulations GeeGee for maintaining your place all the time.
Congratulations to @nikkabomb too for making it to the top 10.

I want to highlight the fact that I have extremely worked hard for this week to just be in GeeGee's side of this ranking! D*mn it was hard! So kudos to you pretty girl! You deserve that spot!

Followed by @joshruiz on top 15 and @neopch on Top 20.


Facebook Stats:

3 weeks in the month of May versus the whole 28 days of April 2022

Definitely lots of people getting notified of our announcements.

Let's look at how they respond to our 156 posts shared:

Our awesome and proactive community members are so open how excited they are to the posts we share.

We have a 66% increase people commenting to our posts!

Reactions from the previous month (April 2022)
It's only the third week and we already surpassed the numbers we have acquired last month.
Reactions from May 1 to May 22, 2022 is 3,445 likes and hearts from the community members.

These are the posts that gained tons of views:


One of our aims when we post announcements or updates here is to make sure that a lot of people will get notified or let them actually read the info we share.

My twitter:


Definitely a huge leap from last month's stats.
Our whole team's stats will be shared on the 25th or the 26th when I submit the whole month stats for May 2022. So please stay tuned.

Most importantly, here is the update of the Telos Ambassadors referrals to the MissionNFT initiative that the TF (GV) assigned for us.


We hit 2,000 members last August 12, 2021 and it took this long for us to reach 3,000 members now.

Now with 3,000 members:
Congratulations again for the team effort.

9 months of acquiring 1,000 super active members is such a great thing rather than gaining much easily and quickly but onboarding unresponsive ones.

Please wait for the whole month stats in the next few days!

Thank you for dropping by and checking it out how we perform!

Telos Foundation | Community Relations | Telos Ambassadors Lead


Thank you for sharing this report memshie..

A pleasure to share how we are improving from a month to month basis.

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