Telos Blockchain Activated! ~ CLAIM YOUR TLOS TOKENS!

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The Telos Blockchain has been activated!

This morning at 9:15AM EST (give or take a few seconds) the Telos chain reached 1,000,000 blocks required for activation. GO TELOS!

Yeah, you know us Beyond Bitcoin Team peeps and the Voltron. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Today is Launch + 7 Days

Block 1,000,000 = Telos chain activation!

  • Telos mainnet is active for all uses.
  • Users may unstake TLOS from genesis accounts.
    ~ Unstaked tokens become Liquid Tokens available to transfer after 3 days.
    ~ You need to perform at least one transaction to claim your TLOS tokens from the shredrop first, voting for BPs will do. A vote for beyondbtctls is appreciated.

:star: If you held EOS on June 1, 2018 for the original EOS Genesis Snapshot you NOW HAVE TLOS TOKENS!

You can download the SQRL (Squirrel) Wallet App from the Gitub, it is the official wallet of Telos and super easy to use.

What's Next?

There are still a view more steps in the milestones that are coming up to complete launch process, including transfer/trading of first TLOS tokens, distributing the rewards program tokens, and capturing the genesis snapshot for the chain.

Activation + 3 Days

  • First accounts to unstake may now transfer tokens.
  • TLOS trading commences on first exchanges.

Activation + 7 Days

  • Distribution of Rewards Program tokens to participants.
    (This may take a day or so, please be patient.)

Activation + 29 Days

  • Block 6,000,000
  • Telos Original Snapshot will be recorded capturing the TLOS balances of all Telos accounts that have opted-in with at least one transaction (e.g. voting, unstaking, transfering)

Launch Process Information:



Thank you for your support!

~ PowerPics


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