TELOS Planet has Arrived! Earn tokens in a "Minecraft" style game on Telos!

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As many of you may know, I (and the rest of the BeyondBitcoin team) have been very excited and vocal about the Telos sister chain to EOS. Telos improves upon just about EVERYTHING that held back EOS from living up to its full potential.

...and now, many Apps originally developed for EOS and moving to Telos.


This morning Telos Planet announced it has officially arrived and users are free to come mine and build in this new crypto-based virtual world. Fans of Minecraft should be quick to pick up the game play and get started.

What is Telos Planet?

Telos Planet is a first-of-its-kind, persistent on the blockchain, virtual world. Anyone can mold and shape what the world will become in a collaborative mining and crafting effort.

Telos Planet requires that you have a TLOS account and Scatter desktop installed. Players use TLOS tokens to mine, purchase or clear blocks of materials throughout the world. You can then use those blocks to build any structures you can imagine.

Mining and building will earn you TLOS and MINE tokens in daily payout cycles.

Initially for each TLOS spend to mine on the planet you get rewarded 25 MINE tokens. That ratio halves every time 500,000 MINE tokens get issued across all players. So mining gets harder by time. Currently you can't send the tokens or trade them. This will be enabled with the release of the crafting feature.

My first build in Telos Planet

Right after the launch this morning I jumped in to test out the App. I mined some stone blocks and naturally decided to build the word TELOS at the top of a hill.

Each 'raw' material block you mine (meaning it has not been mined before) costs 0.045 TLOS, so the stone blocks to make my starting TELOS sign cost less than 2 TLOS.


Later I searched around and found some other 'rare' materials and started to mine those to decorate the area surrounding my build site. The only thing that stopped me in my tracks was the fact I had just about all my TLOS staked, so I ran out of liquid funds to continue mining and building.

A funny note: As I was adding to my build, another user came by and changed the "S" to a "6". Which was a smart move on their part since it cost me 1.5X the price to mine the edited blocks (profits going to that user) and put them back the way I had them.

This will play into the dynamics of the game as more users join in. People will come along and mine blocks right out of your build if they need the material for whatever they are building. Going to make it interesting for sure.

Notes from the Official Release:

Discover and mine materials from the ground. The planet has many different materials buried deep underground. Those are initially at the same price as simple dirt, but their supply is very limited. Mine them and bring them to the surface, others users will need to mine them from you and make you a profit.

Accumulate MINE tokens. The planet’s native token is the MINE token. Every time you mine a block you will be awarded MINE tokens. The ratio of tokens you get for each TLOS decreases over time. So getting in early is making a huge difference.

Log in everyday. Every 24 hours you get rewarded 1 TLOS worth of MINE tokens if you mine just one block. Make sure that you come back and mine at least one block every 24 hours.

Win the POT. A small percent of the payments to the contract is put into the POT. This pot continues to grow, until it fails to grow anymore and then it distributes the TLOS accumulated to the participants of the last 24 hours according to their contributions.

The game is still new and advanced features like items and crafting will be coming in future updates.


Check it out and get mining early to earn the best return on your materials.

Please use this link to support our BP with the referral fees.

~ PowerPics

Telos Block Producer: beyondbtctls


Quick question, do I need any crypto currency (like EOS which I don't have) or anything to invest to start this game/thelos thing or is it free out of the box?

Is there anywhere a tutorial step by step how to setu up everything?

Yes, the games launching on EOS or sister chains like Telos require that chains's token to get started. This game requires a Telos Account with TLOS tokens to play. Then you earn "MINE" tokens and more TLOS for your daily actions in the game.

Here is a tutorial for creating an account on Telos.

Here is the info on Scatter Desktop Wallet (EOS, Telos, TRON, Worbli)

Ah, so I don't need EOS account first? Cool, thanks for the links will check them out!