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Reality knocks on our door. He is an unexpected guest. Unwanted, rather. We like to lie in our bed of fantasy, when suddenly the very plague dares to appear.

Well-being is illusion. Only dreams. The flaccid society of endless rights, believed to extend beyond the end of days. We all have dignity simply by being born.


The truth is that we live in a cruel environment from the cradle to the grave. Of course it can be fluffed, sweetened and decorated to suit children's schedule. You can change the shape but not the background; You can hide the monster, but not prevent it from biting.

Today the domestication comes to an end. Deception is dying, and sunny days will give way to showers. The world economy was presented as a sweet and attractive lady; a sexy and young innocent and nice student, cool and fantasy for every mediocre and desperate little man.

Her beautiful appearance, she was riding on dense layers of makeup, cosmetics and various potingues that transmute disappointment into illusion. That is today's world, with the death of the bull market, a roller coaster that used to go up without end and now it's time to go down.

Good trip.

The swan, an elegant animal par excellence, comes in white colors and feathers. This is not always the case, since sometimes there are rare specimens of dark colors. Flashy. When one of these birds crosses the road, it is a sign that something strange is happening.

The black swan of our days is called coronavirus, an infection that comes not from the swan, but from pangolins, bats, or even, there are those who say that they were lost in a war laboratory. Namely: the fact is that the little men, the weak and the elderly, are falling in handfuls, making the wettest dream of radical ecologists real.

Reduce the population.

We do not know if land overpopulation will be interrupted - I doubt it - but we do know that the market will suffer greatly. It is also known that morcego soup will be a scapegoat for a thousand evils; guilty of the crises, miseries, famines and wars that are to come.

We were not sitting on towers of speculative leverage.

We were not in a pyramid economy.

We were not with an overinflated market due to the injection of currency.

QE was not a blatant transfer of wealth from the majority to 1%.

No, that is your imagination. All the fault is from a strange virus.

As the world isolates itself, and the breakdown waltz begins to dance, people cling to their last days of comfortable happiness. Like Nero while Rome was burning, the masses like to play the digital harps, in search of fashion-swooning entertainment.

Call it Save Me or TikTok.

In short, patience and good food-while supplies last. The reality gang bang will come sooner or later. Rather early. Punctual. The 2008 crisis will be a shy joke compared to the black humor-eating wave. A tsunami of numbers, deflation and suffering, which threatens to sweep away social structures and world peace.


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