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Steemvoter Featured Guild

Hello Steemians! Today we would like to take a moment to highlight a new and exciting guild that's now trending on the Steemvoter guilds list.

Who are we talking about you ask?

We are talking about TenkMinnows!

This a project with a very ambitious goal, one that we'll be trying our best to help them accomplish.

TenkMinnows guild has been established as a community project to work towards Steem having 10K accounts holding between 500 SP and 5000 SP by the end of 2019.

The aim is to improve SP distribution, grow a larger and stronger middle class and to spread goodwill and abundance.

We are kickstarting TenKMinnows with a push to create 250 New minnows in a month. This project will run from 5th March 19 to 4th April 2019 as mentioned in the annoucement post.

Please take a moment to join their guild in support of the project:

Project Team

@paulag, @steevc @hitmeasap, @niallon11, @slobberchops, @cryptoandcoffee, @blanchy, @pennsif

Want to have a look at some of our other guilds?

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Literature, Books and Writing

In case you fancy some good reads from proper authors who are eventually even exclusively publishing on Steem only, then this guild might just be the right one for you to follow. It supports content in English as well as German and seems to be open for you to become a curator in case you're interested.

Proyecto Cervantes - Curación

Hablas Español? Then you might eventually already know about Proyecto Cervantes, which reached an astonishing popularity within the Spanish speaking community. We definitely recommend you to take a look on it and follow it for good curation as well as the guarantee that your vote reaches great authors.


Good food just makes our lifes more worthwile. If that's your opinion as well, then you might love to take a glimpse at SRecipes, a community and guild on steemvoter that curates the best food recipes on the blockchain. Join in on the fun to get inspired and hungry while reading the posts.


Love gaming? Then this might just be the right guild for you as it curates the best gaming posts on Steem. So give it a try and participate in growing the gaming community on the Steem blockchain through curating the content of gamers that deserve it.


Without a question SteemSTEM counts as one of the communities publishing and curating content of the highest quality. In case you're just slighly interested into science of any kind, then that's the guild for you to follow for sure.

Don't Miss Out On All The Other Guilds!

Of course there are many more guilds that are worthy to be explored and followed. Just head over to and jump into the explore section to start digging through all the guilds that are active over there already.

If you shouldn't find any that fits your interests then please feel free to be the first one to create a guild for it. It's really easy to be done and you can directly after start to support the healthy growth of quality content on steem.

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We voted twice because the votes failed the day before so we voted the next morning again, we did leave 12 hours + between the two.

Thanks, I have done as instructed and will keep and eye out.

Because you gave them your voting key! Just be careful you did not give them you master password too! lol careful!

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Thanks for supporting the project. It is starting to kick off now and support from you and others is really helping. Steem needs more people with a good amount of SP to spread the votes. 250 more minnows this month is a challenge, but worth reaching for.

That sounds like a very realistic goal @steevc! Keep at it, Steem needs as many minnows as it can get!

We're getting some good support for this. Hope to have more news on that soon

It's so great to see new people coming in and trying to support the project. We need as much help as we can possibly gather. Every effort is highly appreciated :)

thanks for the write up :-)

Thanks for the shout out. Great to see so many people getting behind this and getting the word out to others. Much appreciated.

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@steemvoter, please set up steem down-voter, and steem comment downvoter!
Let me know when it is live!

We are considering that for HF21, thank you! However it will be more like the ability to trail downvotes of a downvote guild or account, otherwise blind downvoting is harmful and malicious.

O.K. can you please add upvote comments of particular authors too? I have this @iflagtrash bot on me and a few of my friends. That is what I am working on myself anyway. Might be helpful for others too.

That already exists in under streams:

Wow thanks, that was fast!!@! Amazing I had no idea! It sure pays to ask a question these days when it is to the right person! This will help!
Thank You Very Much!

As my dad always says, if you don't ask you don't get.

You're a waste of space. You've been flagged like the trash you are.

You're a waste of space. You've been flagged like the trash you are.

You're a waste of space. You've been flagged like the trash you are.