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Hi there 🖐️😏

Dear @alpha! I know you're the biggest whale in the Hive, that's why I'm writing to you, because I'm an ambitious person! ;)

My name is Andriy, I'm from Ukraine. Me and several of my friends have been writing on Hive for a long time, almost every day, we have good posts, everyone is trying their best. Personally, I've been writing for almost six months and I'm not giving up, although I recently received a couple of small upvotes from whales. My friends and me are looking for some options for development on the Hive blockchain, but things are going very slowly.

Everyone here is asking for your support, but we don't need anything for free. We are ready to earn your loyalty to us. You probably know the situation in my country... but as you may know, Ukrainians never give up! I can't give up either! My friends and me (there are only three of them) are ready to do whatever it takes to get your attention. This is very important for us.

Best regards and have a good day ✨

Hi 🤗 ⚡⚡⚡💪🏻

Hi @alpha,

It does not seem like you use content platforms much but for what it's worth:

Is 3 years old and we are interested in open sourcing everything we have built since 2020.

Kindly consider supporting our Hive Proposal by voting:

Thank you.

~ @chrisrice
Founder of @dbuzz

Our team is interested in receiving & reviewing feedback from you about

P.S.Thank you for contributing to HIVE @alpha.