FreeDom Ledger Page 42. || Why Steemfest was awesome, off the chest (it protects the heart)

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@opheliafu 's wonderful steempunk drones in a different configuration.

FreeDom Ledger Page 42.

What is freedom? Change, truth and empathy.
Change is there at all times, furthermore when ego is gone, what pops up? Unequivocal positive entropy.

In this world, misunderstanding of words and intentions is often diabolically rife.
Super consciousness, mostly grafted from one’s path, is often misunderstood yet incomprehencievely admissible to life’s knife.

This wonderful new frequency is largely due to a new, stormy anthropological and economical season.
Uhu, let’s not deviate, it’s people! A zoologist would argue, we are mammals too, gathering for a good and pure reason.

Lisboa and the wonders experienced herein were vast.
Backpacks are made to carry heavy loads, wonderful memories here, light as helium yet forged to last.

42, for those who…, is still a reasonably surprising answer every living hour.
While learning to surf, remember, if you will, the essence of a beautiful shower.

Hunter & Douglas, how I wish you were around.
We would make absolutely sure the both of ye’s would be Steemfest 3 bound.

Please find far better words of thanks and inspiration from these two souls.
(amongst many other posts and comments)



& an overview for those who are chiming in:

A personal thank you to: (there is no logic in appearance, just me reminiscing and in this realm we all start with an @! :D)

Martin & Josef from @decent

@-mongst many others I had the pleasure of meeting.

Did I forget anyone? If it reaches you, hit me up, I have a cottonball in my ears sometimes...

Special thanks to: @juka!

Before I sign off again for only nature knows how long:

Thank you all so much again mentioned by crew leader & wake-up master @firepower!

These people have been a vital part of SF1 and 2:

@firepower बहुत शुक्रिया & djugad my friend.

@-all_ye_all Steemians:

If ever one of you buys a Murciélago, put what you can spare in to helping out the world. If need be, do it yourself. Help out and stay vigilant.

Kind regards, @Poezio, yo.



Hey Buddy!

So happy to find you on here, thanks to @roelandp for commenting on my post with photos of you and ur Steemit name!

Great to meet and get to know you. Loved your writing BTW. I see you don't really post, hope to see you around if not here then SteemFest3!

Hi man! It was wonderful to meet you & @gardenofeden family! Truly great work. Indeed! A hug every year @Steemfest!

hahahahaha yes if SteemFest is our only time of year for a hug then so be it!

Better than never!

Wish you the best, live long and prosper!

See you soon buddy~*~

Hey @poezio, it was so nice to meet you in Lisbon. I remember the good time we had together with @quinneaker on the roof of X-factory.

I really hope to see you again at SteemFest3.

Take care!

Hi there @arcange, what a view and what a company! Next year, a glass of wine instead of a beer? See you @Steemfest 3!

hahahahahahaha OH YES BABY!

That was an awesome time indeed. Love you two and I cherish those moments!

I have some nice photos of that day and I will be making a post about it within the week!

Hope to see you sooner but if not then SteemFest3!

∞§∞Full Steem ahead∞§∞

That's some great write up there! Nice meeting you Spidey! See you soon :D

Good evening, @poezio I'm an Egyptian poet, author of 7 books & fairly new to Steemit (I hope to attend Steemfest, in the future :)

Meantime, I thought to reach out & introduce myself with this post on Immigration, Inspiration, Fiction, Birds & Sex

I hope you enjoy it, Yahia