The Singularity New Blockchain Game in the Making

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Authored by @Michael David

Art by Olga Evirol

The Singularity

A new blockchain game in the making.

Ok, this game is totally infant. We have been brainstorming forever and are finally putting some of the pieces together now to make it real.

We're building on wax.

We have a rough draft whitepaper in our discord channel to look over. Expect a lot of it to change as we grow both with and into this game. Much has already.

We aim to immerse you in an experience that is more than a game. We love our lore and love the experience of interacting with our audience through lore as well.

We will be posting all of our lore here on hive, in this account. As you have seen from our first introduction posts written/spoken by "another worldly being". We like to mix our lore into what we are doing and may often seem "in character" in specific posts.

Our posts here on hive will mesh with, and sometimes lay clues to, the game itself. For the foreseeable future all earnings from our posts will be powered up.

We will also post updates and game changes here, and anything else that we find fun or pertinent to game.

We are super small right now and growing steadily.

Thanks for checking us out :)

The Singularity New Blockchain Game Dapp
by The Singularity
Brainchild of @michaeldavid.



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