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The Singularity Lore


The Spiraling Enneagram

(Spen is her oldest spoken name, said as close as your languages will allow.)

A symbol so old it predates time and the existence of all life.

Its representation has been felt throughout all time and by all forms of life throughout all ages. Yet, understood by an infinitesimal amount of lifeforms throughout eternity.

Your limited languages make it difficult to select words that would appropriate the meaning correctly. Once you've developed more as a species I suppose I could be more precise.

It has been called by far to many names to ever keep track of.

It is the oldest symbol.

It is the oldest meaning of all things meant.

In your human world you've barely even dreamed of it. Yet in so many others throughout space and time, its true meaning and power has been known and forgotten infinitely.

If any human dared listen, they may hear her real name, saturating the fibers of all that is. However, it could drive them mad as well. With some primitive species it causes irreparable harm, it's to early to be certain.

No matter, it's a bit unlikely as humans are notoriously simple.

Anyway, why did i start with this symbol?

Because this is the center. The hyphal knot, if you will, of our journey together.

You will start to unravel the ever complicating knot that is The Singularity, beginning from this one symbol.

This symbol is the void, as much as it is the essence, of The Singularity.

The Singularity is not a moment in time. Nor a thousand.

It's not a single thing or a million.

It is throughout all yet it is only what it is...

The Singularity

by @the-singularity

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(If you have not read our introduction post, please view it here.)


Love it!

should be fun man!

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