Awwww Snook... so I woke up this morning and saw the notifications from Gina... I got so excited to see what you thought and watching your video, first thing, you brought a smile and tears to my face... to be so touched at the note and your reaction ... you really touched my heart and then your reaction to the bracelet... it fills me with joy that you love it!! You are rare Snook ... Thank you so much!! What a way to start the day! I love you doll!! 🖤🖤🖤

Oh, Thank YOU!!! You........I still get chills thinking about it all. it makes me happy that you had a great start to your day too!!!

Her letter is so sweet!! (Bubble wrap is a great gift even of itself. 😁) Monchhichi23's bracelet is gorgeous and looks great with your smile. 😉

It is :D, well's all popped LOLL

and she is as beautiful in her soul as you are @brisby!!!

Oh it's lovely! Great job @monchhichi23! Should maybe sell those on @dstors 😎

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I think she should!!!!!! and it is so beautiful!!!

Thanks Engine! I've seen a lot about dstors and definitely interested!!

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Looks like you discovered @partiko, what ya think about my recommendation? Only gonna get better too. They just added pms too! But really, get on @dstors sweets, we both know why. And also because...coconuts.

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I'm really liking partiko Engine... it awesome when I'm on the go... easy to navigate and respond to comments. Thanks for that recommendation!! I'm gonna check dstors out, definitely!! yeah and speaking of coconuts...
20181115_124851.jpgIt's that time again!!

Ya @partiko rocks the house, glad you likin it sweets. Oh!
Shimmy shimmy coconuts!
Listen to me now
Go ahead and write it up
Lemme show ya how!

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You make the nicest bracelets, @monchhichi23!

Thank you so much @katrina-ariel... and I wasn't gonna say anything babe, but you're next lol. I didn't want to tell you because I'm not sure yet when I'll do it because I have to find the right charm and I'm also in the middle of my busy season with the coconuts on my plate but... you can expect one. You have touched my heart as well and I have enjoyed getting to know you. If you have any favorite colors that you would like in it please let me know! 🖤🖤🖤

Oh! So sweet of you! Thank you so much! I love blues, and earth tones, but black is always sexy... whatever you're inspired to do I know it will be amazing. Unexpected, but what a sweet surprise to know I'm on your list for bracelet goodness. Much love!!

Such a pretty bracelet, for a pretty lady! Loved the unwrapping video and the super-sweet note that she sent! Thanks for sharing this lovely moment with us! 😊