May 25th thoughts on Covid

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Covid really scared the crap out of me. When the news first broke I realized that I was unprepared is so many different areas... Thank God that what they thought was going to happen didnt...

But then as the fear subsided, anger took its place. I needed someome to blame for scaring the crap out of me... I dug into - research and after weeks could not find anything that was even close to 100% acurate. This made me even more angry... Our leaders did a terrible job in making me feel secure, instead I felt the opposite. I didnt trust anything they said. Some say trust is earned so that makes sense.

What bothers me now is that the next wave will jot be the virus, but the consequences of the virus. One again our leaders keep telling us everything is going to be great, even better than before... What if its not... I would feel a lot better if I knew what might happen and prepare as best as I can.

I admire those that trust our leadership, it is definitly the least stressful way to cope. Those who do not trust our leadership( like me) are more stressed out, always waiting for the next shoe to drop... You see I have been burned by our leaders in 2008 and swore to myself that it would never happen again.. The truth is that I can only do so much. Its much bigger than me and I am powerless. It would be so much eaiser to just go with the flow... I think those that identify as being " red pilled" refuse to just go with the flow... It gives us the illusion that we have some control... I belive that this thinking is flawed and in reality we have even less control...

So is it better to take the red pill or the blue pill? I think that neither is better. There are pros and cons of each and somehow they balance each other out...

Trump or Biden another division of perspectives that balance each other out. Neither perspective is right, and Neither perspective is wrong.They are both right and wrong at the same time.

God grant me the serenty to accept the things I cannot change, Change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference


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My bed infirmed 96 year old Mom moved in with me last August. This lock down period has been like living with a canary in a coal mine. At my brother's place, where she had been prior to coming to my place, she had subsidised caregivers (morning and night) from a corporation. It always appeared sub par to me. Their staff were underpaid and overworked. It was common on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to get a call saying that there was no one to fill a particular shift. When she came to my place my mind was set on hiring our own caregivers. This ended up being a 5 month battle with the government agency which subsidised the caregiving. In that time we paid for her care out of our own pocket and set up a business registration and paid our two ladies salaries with full deductions at $25/hour instead of the $16/hour that the corporation was paying their staff. That same corporation was then billing the government $36/hour!

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise to go the route which we did. Allow me to explain...

About a month ago there had been 51 covid related deaths in my provence with a population of approximately 1 million. The numbers have increased though not drastically since then and things are starting to open up again.

Our Premier would have daily updates and each time that a death was announce the local journalists would ask where in the Provence the death had occured. They would invariably answer, "For privacy reasons and for respect for the family we cannot answer that." Well the journalists kept digging and finally it was disclosed that 45 of those 51 deaths had happened at one old age home run by the very same corporation that had provided care to my Mother at my brother's place.

Other Provences have ended up having wild fire epidemics in their old aged homes as well. My guess is that the lion's share of covid related deaths in other Provences has been in such facilities.

The home in my city was the jewel in the crown of retirement homes in the 1970's when it was constructed. Yet now being profit run by a corporation occupants where crowded 2 and 3 to a room designed for 1 in its hay day. It has been reported that covid infected occupants where left in the same room as those not yet having the flu.

Bottom line is that this disaster, at least in my area, was caused by the profit driven corporation left to care for our elderly. You can bet you sweet fanny that my Mom would be dead if those same careworkers would have been coming to my place and bringing with them covid from the old aged home where they also worked.

In any crime it is said one way to solve it is to follow the money. In that regard you may be interested to have a look at a 4 part series put together by @corbettreport. You will find them in one convenient location in a post of mine here on the HIVE chain.

There are many weaves and bobs to covid-19, yet one thing seems clear to me at least, that it has been blown out of all proportion for many different agendas along the way.