The 'BLOCK' Party!!!

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Making It Official!

This was going to happen, one way or another. @enginewitty loves meeting new people and had already had a meet-up on the books planned for Colorado for The Alliance family. Other ideas were thrown out and after attending #steemfest3 (thank you @ned and @roelandp), he wanted to meet everyone! Knowing that @carrieallen lived out there, they put their two quirky brains together and are formulating some fun things to be happening! We are currently looking into venues and sponsors for the event scheduled to take place Thursday the 20th through Sunday the 23rd in June!


Things like this do cost money, and as our personal budgets aren't the world's largest, @enginewitty has been reaching out to people and communities to seek their support in making this happen. These are all communities he associates with on some level, helps to support in various forms or fashions and are heavily vested in the future of STEEM. This list is incomplete as we would like to add other people and communities to commit to assisting this to come to fruition however they can. As it stands, so far we have:

  • @adsactly - ADSactly has been a supporter of The Alliance almost since its inception. They love that we have been supportive of them as well and we all agree that the #steem #blockchain is one of the cryptosphere's best kept secrets. They already have several things in mind for a presentation and some beautiful things to unveil to the public! Thank you for your commitment!
  • @ssg-community - #steemsilvergold 'pirates' and The Alliance family have always meshed well together and there is a strong crossover of members from each community. Upon speaking with @raybrockman and @thedamus, there was a big 'Hell Yea!' involved! Maybe we'll see a new 2019 STEEM Round unveiled or have a live #monsterraffle? Who knows? Be exciting to see some shiny people there! Thank you for your commitment!
  • @spl - After speaking with @bethalea, she was all about having some representation for Lucksacks and the Steem Poker League. Wouldn't it be fun to have a live poker tournament? I'm game! Thank you for your commitment!
  • @dsound - Talking to @prc is always a joy as he has a great attitude. Music will do that to you. They have agreed to have representation there and perhaps give a presentation. Beautiful thing too, because we have some great musicians showing up to perform! Thank you for your commitment!

So Thankful

For all the people/organizations/communities that have agreed to help us out. It's going to be real fun, I promise! Especially when you have someone like @carrieallen out there and familiar with the territory scoping out venues and possibilites. There have been open discussions about various things we could do aside from some expected and anticipated presentations from our sponsors. I did mention musicians will be coming and @carrieallen, @chrisroberts and @enginewitty will also be 'performing'! Here's some ideas (a few concrete) that we have come up with:

Event Ideas & Performers

  • A LIVE comedic acting performance by Carrie, Chris & Witty (The Lord of the D) featuring scripts from their show - The Play House! This will happen and it'll be an absolute blast!
  • @zipporah - has agreed to come to Colorado and share her beautiful voice with us! Maybe we can even get her on stage for some of The Play House characters!
  • @katrina-ariel - A smashing performance at #steemfest has landed her in the eyes of many and she has won #openmic since then. Her voice is captivating and we are looking forward to seeing her live again!
  • @paintingangels - Another of the chain's wonderful voices, has agreed to come and give us a special show! We are definitely looking forward to meeting her and hearing her play and sing!
  • Field Day? - Remember when you were in grade school and we had 3-legged races, ran the egg, did obstacle courses and had scavenger hunts? Ya baby, we're gonna bring out our inner children and have some serious fun!

What About You???

Are you a musician, DJ or comedian? Want to come show off your skills and be on the list of performers? Let us know! Maybe you would like to be a sponsor in some manner for the event? Let us know! Leave us a comment here or reach out to The Alliance! Can join us in 'The Castle' or simply send @enginewitty or @carrieallen a message with your intentions. These lists will grow and it was discussed to have a limited attendance, so the earlier you commit, the better your chances are of making history at - The BLOCK Party!

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Womp womp!

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Party!!!! With everyone who's already on board, it sounds like it's going to be one hell of a good time!

I'd love to be able to but before I hare off to CO, I've to bank up enough $ (and arrange for someone to care for my girls) to visit a certain Snook that I want to annoy with too many actual hugs and some really bad jokes.

sounds like I might be in CO...........
just saying :D

😉 😘 (Well to get to CO by train is under $200 and only takes 46 hours....)

Whoop whoop! BLOCK PARTY!

Can't wait to see all the fabulous people, and YAY to bringing @zipporah and @paintingangels onto the stage! I'll be thrilled to share it with them.

I'm sure we'll have loads of talent present. I'm looking forward to some impromptu jam sessions—that was my favourite part of Steemfest3. Well, one of my fave parts. Always so much goodness when fabulous Steem peeps get together. Thanks for doing the work to make this happen! :)

Well then. Further on down below here I said that I had an event scheduled that weekend. Turns out I was wrong, for only like the second time in my life. My reunion is the weekend before. So, I intend to go to the block party. I'm about as excited as I can be.

Do you suppose you might get just a little more specific than 'Colorado'? It's a pretty big place :)

Left to my devices it would probably be in Durango or Delta or Leadville or Teluride or Cumbres or one of the other million places in Colorado that is attached to a truly great motorcycle road.

Anyway, Connie and I are making plans to be there and I just couldn't be more excited.

Maybe after Block Party, we can do The ADSactly Party!

Hecks ya! Start getting it organized now!😎

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Deffo looks fun witty! Let’s party 😎👍👍

Are you even ALLOWED Back in the good ol'



We on it my man!

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Well, I guess I can Speak for SSG, but we are excited to be issued an invitation, I will do my best and am planning on being there and will bring as many SSG members with me. Appreciate what you do Mr. Enginewitty!!!

Pretty excited myself! Thank you and I'm stoked to see what comes from you!😎

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Please let me know if you produce any update posts or if any of the details change. Thank you.

Oh mannnnnnn if I had the money for a plane ticket I would come! So sad to miss this. So happy for you all it’s happening though <3

Things go well, maybe we can help ya get here :)

Well, that would be the CRAZIEST thing. I would completely clear my schedule and bring a suitcase of the best Dutch cookies :D

Hahaha - yes @snook, there would be TONS of cookies if I were able to join. Like, I would bring 1 pair of paints and 1 tshirt and the rest of my suitcase would be filled with cookies :D

I'll bring you some extra clothes so you can at least change LOLL

Hahahahahaha - THANKS! The cookies are worth it I promise

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Really? I have one event scheduled for 2019 and it's on June 22? Really?

I actually committed to it about 49.5 years ago :) It's my 50th HS reunion. I will be there. Damn.

Ha ha! That's awesome, love meeting new people!


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Ah... Colorado! A bit too far for me, but I have visited there once. Beautiful national parks!

Not actually stopped there long, so will be an experience 😎

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ooooo!! i wanna come, i wanna come!! and play live poker, omggaahahahahahaaa!!!! ok lemme see what I can do! :fingers_crossed:

fingers tripled crossed

I want to be there tooooooo
I guess I will have to settle with all the pictures and videos that will be shared.... gahhhhhh
Sounds like it is going to be a blast

Be wikkid cool if you could make it!

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Sounds like fun!! If I have a housesitter - I will be there!

Would love to have you!

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I am going to combine it with a trip to Arizona. Let me know the details once you know please :)