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Teamwork makes the dream work and I know you all are seeing this take place in real time. That is what separates us from the rest of the people swimming around aimlessly in the Steemit seas. True, there are other communities, and I'm sure you're part of a few. Good for you! No reason not to be. The only way anyone is going to truly succeed here is by having a team with them. And that's one of our goals, not just to act as teammates...but as 'allies', to move as one through the water like highly coordinated synchronized swimmers.


What Is #thealliance?

Thank you all for being who you are! Please join us on discord via that link down there if you haven't already. If this is your first time seeing an update, I will try to keep it simple for you. We are a TEAM of quality content creators and curators - allies. We strive to do several things for each other. First and foremost, we try very hard to visit each other's posts and at the bare minimum, make a comment. This way, we all know you were there and what you thought if you choose not to make your presence known in other ways. We know you can't upvote everyone's posts effectively, but knowing you were there and showing your support is vital. It's just like saying, "yo team, we got your back." Real simple. If you are interested in joining the ranks and want to become an ally, comment below and one of our members will check your profile and see if you would be a fit with us.



Of all #thealliance members, this is the one you should pay the most attention to. I'm not quite sure you understand his significance. His sole purpose is to be trained to engage and support #thealliance activity. I know even in your own feed, it's sometimes hard to find all the posts you like. That's what he is for! Any post FROM A MEMBER, that uses #thealliance tag, will be resteemed every couple of days, so, the only profile you really have to visit for alliance activity is his! It's all right there in one place! On top of curating your posts, he often throws them to tweety birds. So, next time you see him, throw him a fish or two while he's chomping and NOMNOMming on your posts or comments. If it's a 'killer' post, you'll know 🐬


The power of Joki is strong in The Sneaky Ninja. It was a long and arduous task, but after many trials and tribulations, the defender and protector of the alliance has emerged victorious! Many of you have already seen the vicious attacking power of our assassin on your posts. Strictly loyal to #thealliance, Kozeni (小銭) will need your support as well. (See below for his rules) Be sure sure you follow him and help him out along his many Steemit travels, he deserves our support and respect!


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After retrieving the egg for The Alliance Council, @zeartul was immediately ushered in as a member and he revealed some of his amazing powers. So powerful that even the Juyo Deity stood in awe. @zeartul you see, was able to witness certain things throughout his travels across the endless Steemit seas and agreed to share his vast knowledge of these uneasy waters with the community. Do pay attention to what the mighty Zeartul displays for us to see, his @bellyrub is an amazing creature and respect should be given to them both.


These past few days we've seen some very interesting things happen. People just keep coming and we will have to stop accepting new members once we reach 100 (FOR NOW). We are also going to be a little more selective as we approach full capacity. Things are being put in motion to start branching out and we will need some leaders to 'step-up' to the plate and help take us to newer heights. Wanted to also say thank you everyone for being consistent and representing us well. There are **nine** new members being added this time around, so please check them out and become familiar with their posting personalities.
One in particular you should give respect to and if haven't voted for any...

vote for our WITNESS here - @zeartul!
New enlistees are:

@mikepm74 - Big sports fan and crypto lover
@Ana-Maria - succesful mother and passionate Steempeep
@annhoyblog - extremely undervalued and complete blogger
@Steembusiness - business man with a strong crypto focus
@vm2904 - nature loving blogger and photographer
@yandot - artist/photgrapher with a passion for education
@leyargoz - photographer with an affinity to flora
@sol25 - descriptive photographer from Venezuela
@vlemon - cryptocurrency analyst and entrepreneur

Existing members
  1. @enginewitty - top Rap Challenge contestant, crytpo fanatic, curator
  2. @michaeldavid - inspirational/motivational blogger, thinktank, curator
  3. @jaynie - truly passionate person and 'happy hippie' blogger
  4. @thequeendizzle - shock & awe poster - enthusiastic ray of sunshine
  5. @mcoinz79 - adventurous single father and cryptocurrency enthusiast
  6. @flexifriday - health expert, musician and food lover
  7. @nolnocluap - all about money and great sense of humor
  8. @awarenessraiser - solid spiritual vlogger, always in good 'spirits'
  9. @christheaudioguy - music producer, crypto miner and fitness fanatic
  10. @miriamslozberg - the 'mom blogger', strong supporter of alliance
  11. @beng05 - strong believer in the alliance & quality content
  12. @thedamus - comical 'stacker' & bitcoin advocate
  13. @phelimint - imaginative precious metals and coin collector
  14. @jrandolph - excellent photographer and 'stacker'
  15. @anialexander - best selling author and exceptional poet
  16. @donatello - musician and proud father, owner of The Donatello Club
  17. @hardikv - fantastic musician and producer of Alif
  18. @tattoodjay - innovative photographer/artist & great teammate
  19. @sagittarianqueen - young grandmother with a good humorous bone
  20. @bon3s90 - Photographer and automobile lover
  21. @raphavongal - Multi-faceted individual & musician
  22. @SirStacksAlot - Precious metals fanatic
  23. @fat-Elvis - humorous metals and crypto lover
  24. @goldenarms - comedic Steemit swimmer and 'stacker'
  25. @cloudculpepper - Anonymous advocate and conspiracy theorist
  26. @saffisara - she is a jubilant personality, and a polite thoughtful person
  27. @joearnold - 'Melissa' is into holistic 'foods' & runs factoid series'
  28. @oscarps - fully branding himself as a great photographer
  29. @fiftysixnorth - another fine addition to our photography entourage
  30. @mikeylorenzo - great dancer and supporter of #thealliance
  31. @thealliance - our support profile
  32. @topkpop - karaoke contest regular and fantastic supporter
  33. @edthecanadian - proud father and fellow 'stacker'
  34. @bluelightbandit - connoisseur of the bang bang variety
  35. @avesa - has a lucid dreaming series coming out
  36. @healingherb - spiritual and very positive
  37. @rumplestiltskin - a magically poetic personality
  38. @bearone - artist and designer, bubbly personality
  39. @bluemist - critical thinker and engaging content creator
  40. @andyluy - cryptonomad aiming to land in Japan
  41. @grizzman - 'stacker' and bang bang enthusiast
  42. @investwarrior - curator, crypto-buff, and gambler
  43. @thomashblum - quality content creator and curator
  44. @mikeshuh - comical 'stacker' and gardener
  45. @shellyduncan - self-proclaimed 'travel junkie', wife of @cryptoandzen
  46. @cryptoandzen - yogi & crypto fan, husband of @shellyduncan
  47. @jamjamfood - a love to cook kind of fellow, crypto lover
  48. @enazwahsdarb - entrepreneur, trader and marketer
  49. @aldentan - dancer and genial cinema critic
  50. @reko - Strong Steem blockchain supporter
  51. @arcaneinfo - musician and great teammate
  52. @lykencrypto - God fearing believer and self-improver
  53. @suggeelson - fitness and travel maniac & web designer
  54. @starangel - very spiritual positive theorist
  55. @lpessin - running an interesting history series
  56. @johleen - another splendid photographer and engaging Steemian
  57. @ShadowsPub - one heck of a brilliant 'rambler'
  58. @maxmilan878 - VERY young Steemian, loves food and tech
  59. @vj1309 - Cryptocurrency Futurist with a lighter look at Life
  60. @arunava - Photographer and consistent Steemian
  61. @ew-and-patterns - Crytpo watchdog and trader
    be sure to follow @killerwhale, @sneaky-ninja, our new witness @zeartul, and the up and coming @steemitcomics!


As was mentioned earlier in this post, we have to be more selective as to who we let into #thealliance as part of our goals are to bring value with quality posts. We're not saying that people can't go out and make it just fine without being a trainee, what we are saying, is that we are willing to help people **GET BETTER** and become **NOTICED STEEMIANS** in these oceans and waterways. We want you to get that notoriety! This is not Facebook where you share your yammering drama. This is not Instagram where you post random pictures (though SteepShot does allow that). This is not Twitter where a 10 word sentence drop-off will suffice to be considered 'quality content'. With our assistance, those that become our trainees will hopefully take advantage of the collective experience we have and apply it to their posting capabilities. Guidance is what we are offering, it is up to you to capitalize on it.
***New Trainees are***

@rocky1, @withsmn, @bitcoinman, @coolbuddy, @aafrin, @martinio6

giphy (1).gif


#thealliance currently has three contests it runs and supports several others. We have the daily cryptoguess contest, and two weekly ones, karaoke and the all new killerpix. We also support fellow allies' contests. @donatello has a dance contest, and @christheaudioguy does a resteem lottery. We also are supporters of the Open Mic contest which is the oldest music competition here on Steemit approaching a year in weekly contests. They also support us and we have several members that compete.

The Sneaky Ninja Rules Update

Zeartul: Witness - The Birth

KillerPix Contest

Featured Member - @phelimint

Notable posts in #thealliance the past few days -

The Mallard Mind - @topkpop
Homemade Steel Dueling Tree - @bluelightbandit
Kozeni Pt 2 - @michaeldavid
Fun is Serious Stuff - @jaynie
10,000 Rainbows - @johleen
Crude Humor - @goldenarms
Finding the Calm - @shellyduncan
Insecurities - @saffisara
Vlasin Lake - @suggeelson
A.I. Re-Creates Super Mario Bros - @bluemist

For those that are not aware and would like to participate in some of the other places

where we have a presence, feel free to boldly seek us out on our:

Making sure we're all on the same page! Remember...

just keep swimming...just keep swimming...



Thank you for welcoming me. I will do my best to grow our community by posting qulity content !

ThAnk you :) GlAd you Are here :)

Welcome to all the new members! We do have a great crew around here.

You know it Pheli!

Thanks for the inclusion! Looking forward to joining you on discord. Just have to remember to use the alliance tag on some posts now don't I?

Ha! Not mandatory, unless you want @killerwhale to sniff you out 😎

Love the new Trainee Feature. Looking forward to meet the new Trainees.

and Welcome to all our new Members.

Yes, yes. Helping people grow is a major part of our agenda.

Thank you very much for the welcome and for the opportunity to be part of thealliance. I'm really excited about all this :)

And we're excited you came!

I'm very proud to be part of this team, hope we can grow more and get some new amazing members!

Love the updates. So glad I get to be a part of this. Welcome to all the new members and the new trainees.

Thank you for being an active member and helping with those trainees! The saying goes...you can lead a horse to water...

Thank you very much for the opportunity! I am happy and very enthusiastic to give support and value to good content. I adore this initiative. Greetings and congratulations to the others new members. : )

Thank you! We're going to like having you around :)

Upvoted and resteemed!
Thank you for such a great post!

Absolutely. Happy you're here.

Welcome all new members 😊 you found the best place to be and I hope you will enjoy it here 👍 glad to be a part of this and see how everything progresses.

You're such a bright cheery one, glad to have you with us.

Thank you😊 means the world coming from you 🤗 love it

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of thealliance. I am doing my best to support other members posts and will do everything in my power to make thealliance strong. Upvoted full

Thank you! Glad you found us, we have many things to look forward to.

Happy everyone is liking what we're doing :)

What is there not to like, so far everything is going more than great.

Welcome new members! You'll like it here :) #thealliance is overflowing with great people :)

Agreed, great team we're assembling.

YIppee back since the IRMA...it was like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...still picking up the pieces...literally but so blessed....I GOT THE POWER BACK ! OH YES! My votes are high today.....Fully restored on the positive..misses you @enginewitty and @michaeldavid
#thealliance feed is rocking some very high dollar posts ...super cool...hope to start writing again soon...please be patient...almost able to write again ..
Happy Day,

Glad you are back in business! @enginewitty and @michaeldavid were wondering about you last night!

aww...how sweet! Thank you!
Have one almost ready to post...trying to get back in the groove, still waiting on the insurance adjuster....Just hope we do not get another hurricane...going to peek now at the news...

Ya we thought maybe a tornado picked you up and set you down in Oz lol

I was not sure at one point! lol

So what do you have to do to become a trainee

There is a link to our server on discord up there. Please join us there :)

Thank you I just signed up

Welcome new members!! thealliance is a great place ;-)

If you have not done so already, please join our discord server and contact @enginewitty. Thank you :)

I would like to be a member of thealliance? is there still a free place? My main topics are marriage & wedding and design & creativity. And my posts are in english, german and polish. I'm looking forward to your feedback :)

We will review your profile and get back to you soon as we can :)

thanks :)

Hello the wonderful people @thealliance when I read name like @killerwhale @sneaky-ninja @zeartul and so many much more experienced members I wonder if I would be lucky enough to be inducted as a trainee for I am a noob who hardly knows to even swim the the steemit waters :)

We sure can, join us on our discord server and we'll get you situated. Talk to X40L1N