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RE: The complete list of Sovereign gatekeepers

in #thegreatreset2 months ago (edited)

Aww, do you need someone to hold your hand and spoon feed you? Would you like someone to answer your idiot questions which you have zero interest in finding the answer your self for? Maybe you want to waste peoples time to explain what you can't be bothered to seek out for yourself? Maybe you're asking completely idiotic questions because you're an idiot?

Who cares what sovereign is defined as, you imbecilic moron that suggests sovereign is something the author or anyone else, defined? Why do you think Sovereign has any meaning at all? Why are you asking why something is named one thing and why is that relevant, important, or otherwise remotely interesting or intriguing, you despicable nonthought?

I feel as though I missed some important details.

You didn't, you're only trolling, go away, fuck off, die a miserable death you piece of shit.