Intel Drop #3 – Alt Media Can’t Be Trusted

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Tuesday – July 19, 2022

We’re getting overwhelming positive response, as people wake up and
learn about the CSRQ-SM software. So thank you to everyone joining us
and supporting us, we need all the support we can get.

We know most of the Alt Media are Sovereigns and therefore, they are
compromised. They will not cover our story. But some of them can be
trusted. You taking action to contact anyone in the Alt Media you trust is
maybe the best thing you can do to help us, if you want to help.

It’s very possible we could get censored. They are trying to break into my
website everyday with brute force attacks. We don’t know what could
happen. So, if you want to make sure you stay in contact with us, take all
of these steps:

  1. Join the mailing list on the portal, scroll down to find it.
  2. Email [email protected] and just let us know who you are.
  3. Email the same at my email at [email protected]
  4. Join our Telegrams, the group and announcements channel
  5. Once you join, ask Admin or me to be in the private Telegram group.
  6. Follow us on Twitter (Bill Sweet, WeAreSovereign, DarkDayz,
  7. Subscribe to our Bitchute and YouTube.

Taking those steps at least means we can contact you in case some of our
information is taken down.

There’s some pretty urgent issues I wanted to get to, so I sent Gideon a lot
of questions, here’s some of what I can share.

Bill: I think we need to update people on Sovereign status. I’m getting a lot
of inquiries. Understandably, people want to know if their status can be
changed. How do we want to approach this?

Gideon: “That’s not our goal, Bill. As I’ve said many times, if it comes to that, if
down the road we feel we can’t win this battle, that’s when I will instruct you
on what to do. It will be a short notice you will put up and take down. We will
need to find people we can trust who can work with us after the Reset to
destroy it.”

Bill: Your guys are only considering it as a last resort?

Gideon: “Yes. It’s a risk for them. They don’t want it to come to that. They
understand why it’s important, but at the end of the day, it’s their call.”

Bill: I’m just thinking ahead. We will need more than just you and me and
our small group to be Sovereign.

Gideon: “Certainly we will. It’s more of a back-up plan in case we can’t stop

Bill: People are scared to death, Gideon.

Gideon: “I know.”

Bill: I have people writing me, they’re upset about the forced vaccination
plans, how they will do it, with the drones. We’ve had deep discussions on
it, things no one knows. Are you ready to talk more about that?

Gideon: “No, not yet.”

Bill: Why not?

Gideon: “A couple of reasons. For one, it could lead to Level 5 or 6 escalation.
They will delete everything and they will come after us.”

Bill: What’s your timetable for getting more into that?

Gideon: “I’ll let you know. We will need more support, much more awareness.
That gives us some insurance. What we’re talking about is more passive data,
not actionable data. It’s important but not necessary to know to save your

Bill: Ok, I got you. Let’s move on. What about the list I asked about, all the
Sovereigns your guys found?

Gideon: “I asked them and they’re going to put something together. I already
have most of it. Probably within a week. It’s over one hundred public figures.”

Bill: Ok, good. So they checked on these since they started?

Gideon: “Yes, they’ve been checking for eight months. They did a lot in the
beginning, though. I think it was more out of shock. Once they started pulling
up the names, they would pull up five or ten at a time. Then they slowed down,
realizing the risk.”

Bill: I know you’re going to give me the list, but I have to ask about
Benjamin Fulford. Lots of people are asking about him. Did they ever
check on him?

Gideon: “They did. He is Sovereign.”

Bill: Ok. I’m not shocked by that that. I’m getting questions, by the way,
that are so nonsensical. Are these agents? Michael was calling them out.
Michael says they are using straw man and bad faith arguments.

Gideon: “It’s the playbook. They will take information and distort it, then
present it as fact. They might say, ‘There’s only five hackers with that
clearance, they can easily be found.’”

Bill: You must have been watching the Telegram today!

Gideon: “I was.”

Bill: Ok, but look how misleading that is. There aren’t five guys with the
clearance. It’s hundreds. We’ve said that. And there’s thousands of people
working on this all over the world and at least twenty fusion centres.
We’ve said that!

Gideon: “It doesn’t matter what is fact, or what we’ve said. Their job is to take
that and distort it, ask misleading questions and make straw men arguments.
It’s a powerful technique. The untrained observer, or those watching or
learning, can easily be misled by it.”

Bill: They do this in a lot of groups, don’t they? I mean, any time actual
truth comes out. It’s the old saying, ‘Over the target.’ We’re over the target.

Gideon: “Look at the amount of agents you have in the Telegram. I know how
they operate, Bill, and you got escalated from level 1 to Level 2 quickly. They’re
also putting more agents on you than normal. They might put four or five into
a group like yours, but you have at least ten operating.”

Bill: Some of them are saying, ‘If this was true, it would all be deleted.’

Gideon: “But we already addressed that.”

Bill: You’re right, we did.

Gideon: “It doesn’t matter what we say. It doesn’t matter how many questions
we answer. It doesn’t matter how thorough we answer them. The agents will
never be satisfied, and they will always mislead and distort, and often simply
act like we never answered it.”

Bill: Exactly! They are always coming into the group and asking these
questions we’ve already answered, over and over!

Gideon: “They’ll keep doing it. When they ask very basic things we’ve already
gone over, they know what they’re doing. It’s a tactic.”

Bill: We have two Interviews, my FAQ, these blogs, the video. I mean, if I
wasn’t a part of this, it would take me a few hours to read all of it.

Gideon: “We could publish a 5,000 page book, the agents wouldn’t care. Their
job is to constantly plant seeds of doubt, poisonous, toxic seeds, not rational
or intelligent seeds that lead to answers or discourse.”

Bill: Michael said he’s taking much tougher action against them.

Gideon: “You have to, or they will destroy you and all of us. Sadly, the public is
not well-versed on these tactics. The public is easily misled, by comment
sections, by agents in groups. They have a huge influence. The cabal has at
least 75,000 of them working non-stop on the Internet. It’s the equivalent of a
small city working non-stop to confuse and distract everyone while they
prepare this Reset and the software. “

Bill: They’re also always diverting the topic into something like, “This group
is bad, and this group is bad, but this good group over here is going to
save us,” whether it’s aliens, or Putin or the Q guys in the military.

Gideon: “That’s a huge, huge operation going on right now. They are pushing
hope on everyone, that some group somewhere is going to save them. It’s a
psy op, it’s complete disinfo. The cabal has already turned most of these
people into Sovereigns, the ones who might have fought for us. They are
compromising everyone in the Alt Media. The government and military was
already compromised. If offered a choice between being Q or R status, or
Sovereign, they are all taking Sovereign.”

Bill: Ok, let’s talk about some other things I wanted to get into here.
Someone was asking how the hackers can look up people in the system
and it not be traced back to their queue or inquiry?

Gideon: “That’s actually a good question. We did cover that already. But let
me be more clear on that. There are obfuscation methods in place. They
would not do these things if they thought it would put them at risk. For
example, when they pull up an account, they can obfuscate this activity. It’s
clever how they do it. When they click the ‘edit’ button shown in the photos, it’s
harder to obfuscate. This pertains to different aspects of the software.”

Bill: I had someone ask, “Why can’t they just delete all the Sovereigns, or
change them all to Quarantined,” you get the idea.

Gideon: “Of course that can’t be done. It would cause the system to initiate
redundancies. It would cause alerts to go off. The system would actually revert
all the Sovereign accounts back to their original status. It’s not in the realm of
consideration. It would expose my guys and accomplish nothing.”

Bill: I know that, but it’s one of those questions I think a newbie who
hasn’t read anything of ours is going to wonder.

Gideon: “It’s not a bad question, but there’s just no way they can take, say, 8
Million Sovereign accounts and with a few clicks turn them into Common or
Quarantined. Not without the system issuing a red flag-type alert and my guys
getting caught right away.”

Bill: What we’re talking about here are careful, surgical changes.

Gideon: “That’s it, that’s how to put it.”

Bill: Ok. We have people looking at the EXIF data on the images we posted,
do you want to address that? I already know the answer to this.
Gideon: “Yes, multiple levels of obfuscation and spoofing. The EXIF data is

Bill: Again, it’s just all these questions. They seem like surface-level
questions. Like, no one is thinking dynamically or on a multi-dimensional
level. Like a chess level.

Gideon: “Just be patient as best you can. They’re not all agents. Some just
don’t understand counter-espionage or how these things are done, so they
look at it at a very basic level.”

Bill: Do they not realize we took months to plan this release? That we have
to do everything we can to protect ourselves and the whistle blowers?

Gideon: “They must not. An operation like this, to release truthful information
without it getting censored right away, this takes planning and obfuscation.”

Bill: I think I mentioned this before, but some people are upset about the
free Wix site, they think it doesn’t look professional. What do we say about

Gideon: “The agents will obsess over that. If you had used your credit card to
upgrade and pay for the paid version of the Wix site, how does that change
anything, Bill? How does that make anything more valid or legitimate? All it
does is link your identity to the site with your credit card. The agents would
love for you to have to done that.

Whether our information is written on the back of a napkin or a super-
stylized, custom-designed website, it doesn’t change the legitimacy of the

Bill: It’s so weird to me that people focus on these ridiculous things.

Gideon: “Mostly agents, just producing asinine arguments.”

Bill: They are always saying we must have a crypto coin we’re pushing or
we’re going to “sell” Sovereign accounts. How many more disclaimers do
we have to put up to address this? It’s driving Michael nuts.

Gideon: “Do your best. These questions will come up. It’s not always agents.
Just do your best to reassure. You know that I won’t allow that.”

Bill: Oh, I know. You kicked that one guy out of our group.

Gideon: “Yes, *********.”

Bill: We thought he was solid, then he suggested we charge subscription

Gideon: “It was disgraceful.”

Bill: It was. I wish people knew that story, they would know us better. Well,
I’ll put this in the daily blog.

Gideon: “That’s good, they should know. We won’t tolerate that. That’s stuff
the Sovereigns in the Alt Media do, the Q Anon leaders. It’s all a money-making
scheme. It’s all about misleading people. One thing we learned is, the freshly-
made Sovereigns, the ones who were recently turned in the Alt Media, they are
pushing hard to make money because they’re desperately turning it into
USDR. So the money-making, donations, sales push is going hard right now.
You might see that. Their greed is off the charts.”

Bill: I do see it. It’s shameless. Ok, new question. What about these people
talking about legally changing your legal status through the courts? To
these 5 Star Passports? Or changing your birth certification? I see people
talking about this in our Telegram a lot, sort of a legal work-around to the

Gideon: “The cabal just vaccinated Billions of people with poison, Bill, do you
think they care about the law?”

BIll: No.

Gideon: “The cabal will shoot a vaccine into you with a drone, but at the same
time adhere to arcane Maritime law and the Constitution?”

Bill: I know, it’s absurd.

Gideon: “The cabal does not adhere to any of these laws. They are lawless.
They write their own laws. They murder children. They want to enslave
humanity. But some legal term you can find buried in the law from the 1800s
will stop them in their tracks?”

BIll: So, just to be as clear as day, all these efforts to go to court, to
become a Sovereign citizen of some kind, to change you birth certificate,
it’s pointless?

Gideon: “Somewhere in your mind, you have to say yourself, ‘The cabal that is
doing this Reset will somehow stop everything and acknowledge this piece of
paper that says I’m special.’ It’s ridiculous. It’s a dangerously stupid waste of
time. We’re too far gone.

It might have worked on a mass scale if the world woke up 20 years ago. The
ball has moved forward too far for the cabal without much resistance. You
can’t really make legal arguments when you are dealing with a murderous,
genocidal regime.”

Bill: Right. I don’t see how it makes any sense. The cabal is trying to
enslave humanity. Why do they care about some legal fine print you
found. Like those allodial deeds, will they matter?

Gideon: “No, they mean nothing. At least not to the cabal. The cabal doesn’t
follow the law or Constitution. They’ll just seize property through decree,
through eminent domain, they’ll say, ‘We have to do this because of climate
change,’ or, ‘This person is Quarantined and a threat, so we’re taking their
stuff,’ and so on. They already do this, Bill! It’s called civil asset forfeiture! They
steal money and property all the time!“

Bill: What about these people who think they’ll get rich off the ISO coins
like XRP and Algo?

Gideon: “We think some of that tech will exist after the Reset and be used by
the Sovereign class. It appears they’re using some kind of Ripple tech for
USDR, for example. But the public won’t have access to it or be able to own it.”

Bill: So they won’t let people who buy XRP get rich from it?

Gideon: “No, that’s absurd.”

Bill: It does seem silly, I hear them saying all the time, “This is the Reset
coin, XRP! The banks will use it! Buy now, it will be worth $1,000 soon.“

Gideon: “They’re Sovereigns pushing that, Bill. Again, the tech might be used
by the cabal, but they are creating a Communist-style, one-world control grid
with no freedom or ownership. The little people getting rich from XRP does not
play into that at all. We already know what these classes look like. You can’t
own crypto, you can’t own or have assets over a very small amount.”

Bill: You’re right. I know you have to go, let me ask one last thing. Right
now, what percentage chance you would say the collapse, the Reset and
the CSRQ implementation is going to happen?

Gideon: “My current estimation is 90% chance the collapse and Reset will
happen. If it appears we are winning and our information reaches 50 Million
people, the chance drastically drops. The cabal will use a secondary plan. I
know what that is, it’s easier to defeat. We need to get to that point. We are
not there at all.”

Bill: Ok, thank you for your time again, brother. I think people appreciate
these updates, so let’s keep it up.

Gideon: “We will. Stay strong, Bill. We’re going to win.”




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