Sitakunda Ecopark/Bangladesh

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Sitakunda Ecopark/Bangladesh

Sitakunda is the natural beauty of Lilabhumi. This place is not only a place of great pilgrimage to Hindus but also a very good place to visit. Chandranath hills on the east side of Sitakunda and the vast ocean in the west. Those who love nature, they want to enjoy the nature very closely, they must come to Sitakunda. About 38 km north of Chittagong city and 4 km from Sitakunda Bazar.

Chandranath Hills is located on the east side. You can walk on foot or rickshaw to the Chandranath hill. But walking on foot is different because the small hills belonging to the Chandranath hills have started from the bus. On the way to Chandranath hill, you will see some religious structures of Hindus.

This area is full of various types of trees, bunful and flamboyant. Students of the Botany and Biology Department often come here to work for their education projects. There are many fruit gardens, including guava, sappari, mango. There are also some ethnic groups of people living here, who are known as Tripura and there are some villages here. When the mountains go deep, the cultivation of crops on the hill means zum cultivation; In the deep hills, there are also commercially cultivated flower gardens. There are many fountains, but there is only one fountain on the way to the Chandranath hill, from this place, the way to the hill is divided into two groups.

The road on the right is almost the whole staircase and the road on the left is the entire mountain road, there are some broken stairs. The easy way to move through the left side is simple and easy to get through the steps on the right. There is another waterfalls near the Sita Temple, but it is dry, the other crops are located in the deep forest.

Throughout the year, this place is filled with numerous foreign and foreign tourists. There is a large field to keep tourists car. But there is a lack of pure drinking water here. That is why tourists have to take food water. Every year in the month of Bangla Falgun (English February-March), the fair is known as the Shitrudishi Mela. At this time, many saints of India and abroad came here from monks and men and women especially from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. During this time the area became very crowded. This is a good picnic spot, usually from November to May, thousands of people here come here to picnic or to roam here. There is a huge field beside the basku, which can be used to keep the car, for cooking, and for a variety of things. However, there is no provision for drinking water or you will have to eat food or buy bottled water from the shop.

Road buses leaving Dhaka BRTC buses from Dhaka Kamalapur Terminal And other AC, non-AC buses from Saidabad Bus Station. Comfortable and dependable services are S. Alam and Soudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Bagdad Express, Unique etc. All buses stop Sitakunda.

Travel from Dhaka to Chittagong via rail and air routes, and Sitakunda from Chittagong to Sitakunda station or on the road to Sitakunda. Apart from Chittagong, some small car rides (known locally as Meksi) can also be made by them.

There is no good residential hotel in Sitakunda, so to stay at night, you have to go to Chittagong city. But here there are 6 hospices, three of which were created by the British government. In addition to these hieroglyphs, there may be some temporal hotels in the time of the Chitrodshi Mela.

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