Eric Weinstein's "The Portal" Episode 002 - "What is the Portal?" Rough Transcription Time Stamped

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"Eric discusses his thinking behind launching The Portal Podcast, as well as his theory that the podcast industry should explore moving to what he terms a "Riskvertising" model. In his theory, advertisers transition to becoming 'riskvertisers' by pledging to support and protect popular and responsible programs through hysterical social media outrage events. In such a model, audiences reward riskvertisers with a higher level of brand loyalty for taking the risk in not bending to moral panics in backing the most popular and responsible programs willing to tackle difficult issues that must be discussed in a healthy civil society. Interested parties should ask about risvertising opportunities on The Portal by sending an email to [email protected] describing your product in any I way you think would best work for our audience." - From Eric's Youtube channel...


00:00 Introduction to the Portal
01:30 Eric talks about how the world around us has been mis-explained for decades, without too many people really noticing
02:40 Eric explains that "The Portal" will be about breaking this bubble of misinterpretation of the world
03:50 Eric mentions an example of the alternative discussion that's not taking place, brings up Life-Extension (rejuvenation) technology as an example
04:20 Eric mentions the possibility of bridging the difference between Einstein's theory of relativity and the Standard Model (Quantum Mechanics)
04:50 Eric mentions Sustainable Energy/Fusion - 3D Printing Technology development , AI Development and Machine Learning
05:15 - Could we end up creating an economic disaster by creating too much abundance?
05:50 Eric uses a metaphor to explain where we are as a society: A High School grad who never leaves highschool and becomes creepier and stranger each year that passes and they don't move on to the next stage of development
07:01 Eric asks about where our optimism and enthusiasm for new technologies and developments have gone.
07:20 "We have learned that it is no longer mature to hope"
08:01 Eric discusses creating a movement where the finest minds are talking to one another about the future and our present in an honest and revealing way while ignoring those who would dampen our enthusiasms.
08:20 Eric discusses Peer Review and The Scientific Method and how Peer Review can be an intrusion into some sciences re Watson and Crick and DNA.
09:05 Eric discusses how the work of Science can be highly imaginative - The Paul Dirac paper of 1960s in "Scientific America" i.e. We should trust a scientific theory if it has some coherence.
10:20 Eric discusses how he thinks we can create a future that is ecologically sound and which contains less oppression.
11:30 Eric suggests "It's irresponsible for us to quit dreaming about a better future" - Dream Bigger, Dream Together, in Public as harmoniously as we can.
12:30 The Portal Declares War on Stasis/Stagnation/Groupthink
13:11 Eric says that maybe mistakes will be made but we have to try to escape some of the fates that many people see as being bleak and inescapable.
14:30 Eric asks "How can we get the Portal to be Self-Supporting?"
15:40 Eric wants to fix the business model that allows podcasting to be self-sustaining so that the success of The Portal can be replicated by many many others who are in tune with the same philosophical ends as outlined earlier
16:10 Risk-vertising
16:45 - Eric says The Portal is going to talk about Science without dumbing things down for the audience
19:18 Eric wants the Portal to also discuss "Open Borders" and Immigration in a responsible way
19:44 Eric brings up Bi-lateral Markets and the Geometry of Trade
20:24 Eric brings up Differential Geometry of Markets and Geometric Marginalism
21:20 Eric says "We need a better understanding of the Source Code of Reality" and "TOE"
22:20 Eric discusses the failure of the Hadron Collider to find anything of significance other than the Higgs particle so far.
23:04 Eric discusses the need for hard Sciences to be provided with more money and more stability
23:45 Eric says our entire economy owes it success in a way to Theoretical Physics
25:01 Eric talks about THE EDGE essays (Link )
26:50 Eric talks about the need to think "Beyond Capitalism" and the possibility of creating new systems of doing things
27:15 - Summing up "The Portal"