The Portal with Eric Weinstein, Episode 003, Werner Herzog time stamped rough transcription

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In this episode of "The Portal" podcast, Eric interviews legendary film-maker and director, Werner Herzog about his life in outlaw film-making before a live audience.

00:00:00 Eric Introduces Werner Herzog

00:02:25 Eric asks Werner about whether there's an organizing principle in his film creation process. Werner Explains his process and the viewers intuitive understanding of his world view.

00:04:50 Werner is unconcerned about what people "get wrong" about him or his work

00:05:07 Werner describes his work with actor Klaus Kinski ( )

00:11:03 to 00:12:30 What Werner Learned from working with Mick Jagger
( )

00:12:31to 00:13:58 Eric asks Werner about being shot while being interviewed on the BBC

00:13:58 to 00:15:40 -- Eric suggests that Werner is "The ultimate unreliable narrator" - Werner responds by talking about his duty as "a soldier of film making"

00:15:45 to 00:18:40 Eric and Werner discuss aspects of the discipline of film-making - Werner talks about how he always is willing to do anything he asks of his actors - tells story about getting Christian Bale to eat maggots ( )

00:18:55 to 00:21:53 Werner and Eric discuss the ethos of Leadership

00:22:47 to 00:23:58 Eric and Werner talk about being "outlaw film makers"/Teachers.

00:24:00 to 00:26:50 Werner discusses the outlaw film making process while filming in China

00:32:00 to 00:34:42 Eric asks Werner if some of the effects he has done were able to be reproduced with CGI so there was no risk in the process, would it be the same for the viewers. Werner disagrees and talks about the "authenticity of story" in his work.

00:37:00 to 00:40:37 Werner discusses why and how he directed Fitzcarraldo -- The process of moving the ship

00:44:10 to 00:47:52 Eric asks Werner about what aspect of his nature allows him to be so sure of himself in the face of tremendous levels of opposing viewpoints or criticism?

00:47:50 to 00:53:14 Eric asks Werner about his views on Television and the Internet and it's impact on our collective intellect - Werner laments the loss of reading in our culture and stresses that if somebody wants to be a film maker of significance that they must READ read read read read. He also suggests that if people want to really understand the world, they should travel by foot.

(Werner Herzog's A Guide for the Perplexed)

00:53:30 to 00:56:35 Werner gives his advice to creative people to do what they feel passionately about, and suggests 2 books to read among others.
The Peregrine
and The Conquest of New Spain

00:59:08 to 01:05:00 Werner (reading from his "Guide for the Perplexed) Gives his advice and collected Wisdom and discusses the "Institutional Cowardice" of the film industry briefly. He then discusses the "Romance" business in Japan, where companies exist to allow people to hire "family" or friends.

01:07:15 to 01:09:35 Eric asks Werner how he feels about "Cancel Culture" and the re-evaluation of films according to scandals associated with the creative artists who made them.

1:09:35 to 01:12:24 Werner calls the idea of space colonization "An Obscenity" and rails against tech "utopias".