The Split

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Someday I'll Make a Last Post on Steem

However, it is unlikely to be this one.

Lots of people are making last posts and I do want to wish the HIVE team a great success in your first days. I acknowledge it is good to have a plan, but sorry, I can't burn down what we built in anger... That might be helpful, but I just don't see the same as many of you. I feel disappointed and frustrated.

Justin blocking certain accounts today was likely a sign of things to come.

I am still cautious and unwilling to burn down my Steem account. I'm going to give time for my power down to complete. I was glad to hear several witnesses are thinking the same.

I will not cross post, just because I think it makes both communities too much alike and I hope to see them each grow into their own culture and community. I certainly will not judge those who do. I think I will continue my Corona Experience Blogs here and if I have other things to say... I'll do that on Hive. I also plan to login and vote for witnesses.

While we are all still here for the last hours I would like to thank everyone for the Steem experience.

I came here "Crypto Curious" and due to many of you who are still here and many that are long gone, I got a better understanding of crypto, I bought my first bitcoins with help from this community, made my first trades, and talked a lot about the process.

I've had friendships and battles with many of you and again, some who are no longer with us.

I don't regret any of it and hope you don't either.

I learned about POW, DPOS, Governance, Distribution, Etc. I remember being shocked that this new digital internet money had philosophy, values and interesting ideas built in.

It seems everything will change, but crypto interest has become an important part of my life and I will forever be thankful to Steem and the Steem Community for that.

Many will say it will be the same just with a new name, but I know from experience that is usually not how things work!

Take care everyone and thanks for the ride.

For those of you who are taking the slow exit, I'll see you tomorrow.




It was a very sad day for me yesterday to start powering down on Steem. I just finally became a dolphin last week, LOL!!! No choice left though as there will be nothing much left there. Hopefully, Splinterlands will move to Hive in due time. I understand how you feel. I am very happy about Hive and what they have started here! It was a sad time for me before their announcement. I think it will be pretty great here and I am so happy you are here!!! You are awesome and make this a great place to be! I hope you and your family and staying safe and healthy during this crazy time in the world.

Thanks for the nice message, I'm mostly just curating here for now.

might be posting diff content to hive, possibly using both ✌️we'll see how it goes

Hope to see you here on Hive.
Here is my work for today, which you might find of interest:

Peace and Love

thank you, i had to have a bit of help getting it to work still learning how to use the platform peakd

peakd is basically the same as steempeak, but if you've not used steempeak before then sure it can take a little time to learn. It is far superior to steemit or hive equivalant though.

Welcome to Hive @doitvoluntarily. I'm pleased you have joined us.

Perhaps this might interest you by the way:

Now I understand why you downvoted my shitpost. ;)

Nothing personal, I get it. :) I just want to power down and have it hold a bit of value. No need to burn it down on the way out.

I'll still be kicking around. New content will be on Hive, I guess. The censorship was the final straw. The 'reason' given was also total bunk. I tried my hardest to keep going here. I really did. I'm not that excited to move.


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Good to hear your opinion.

I don't have any control, so I am just along for the ride. I don't really know what to think.

One can only watch and see where it goes. From previous experiences, I know how things tend to switch in different directions and supposed heroes become villains, so I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I don't post much either ways but I am curious to see what Justin Sun can do with steemit. How he intends to achieve what we have been dreaming off for years. I would also love to see if Hive would go the way of other older steem forks or if it would put the community first and push for development that would take the platform into mainstream. It be interesting times going forward.

gonna be around for splinterlands, but mostly posting through steampeak and trying out the new hive UI.. so not much of me will be left here..

you have been fun to read! I'll likely come back periodically to see how it changes afterwards.. gotta see how this story ends/develops

I feel sad too about the fork. Life goes on, hope for the best for everyone.

This has been a digital home to many, some will not exit it cold turkey I bet @whatsup

I feel the same way great energy and saying all the right things but I’ve never been one to run after who shouts the loudest! I wish HIVE all the best I’ll be hanging around there I’ll be supporting it for sure but not giving up on steem just get this crypto and from what I know so far stranger things have happened

While the steemit front end is now fully rekt by Justin the chain still has some value, which we will see what it’s made of in the coming months! I do think HIVE all take on code and identity of its own because steemit inc does hold steem back in a way in terms of development but that doesn’t mean atomic swaps and dapps using both chains can’t be possible

It was good seeing you around! If I remember correctly, the only account that was blocked from Steemit was this hacker group darkoverlord. With blocking content related to Hive, Steemit Inc is putting them on the same level as criminals. Shame.

I'll be mooching around, initially at least.
Strange times. I have a bad feeling about the whole tron thing...(me and my pesky ethics)

Let's make Hive happens!

Good to see you on Hive (I'm not even looking at Steemit anymore) - Hive is already light years better!


Blocking me on twitter.