the xx

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Got a chance to listen to the xx live in Estonia this week, it was awesome and I really enjoyed it. So I'm sharing this instrumental by them. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I did. They have a ton of great songs.


My favourite group right now, I haven't ever listen to their voices sounded insincerely, they always sing deep

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Great Break Beat. I love it! Thank you for upvoting my content. I upvoted back. and Subbed...

looks so deep, i like this. I gonna tell my uncle who will travel to estonia next week to listen this.. Thank you for sharing this with us

great music

Really beautiful !
they are best !
Thanks for sharing . upvoted !

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Nice to see

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I saw them live in the summertime and they were SO MUCH BETTER than I even imagined, and I've been a big fan for years! They're such incredible musicians, and we're both so lucky to have gotten to see them live!!! Upvoted and following :)

Hey @ubg. I thought you'd lost your login wif key
Nice sounds!

Excellent material, thanks for sharing brother

Nice. Sounds like a real chill track. Added to my library on Google. Thanks!

video best

good morning sir, wake up

Nice blog..
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oh whoaa! that's sounds cool.
I didn't know this band? i googled it and checked on youtube...

I like it. Thanks for sharing...


Nice song, really liked the music.

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nice vibes, will definitly take a closer look at them :)

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@ubg MUZICC? good

Beautiful music!

wow wow wow wow wow

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Nice!! Didn't know about them. Thank you!

Excellent good rhythm that has this song my friend @ubg. Thanks for sharing it in the steemit community.

I really like music, thanks for your post

I really enjoyed it so much.. thanks for sharing it and thanks a lot also for upvoting my posts :)

Good choice my freind

Great sound I understand why you like it 😊
Nice vibe. Upvoted. Thank you for sharing this


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great music

Oh I love this - thanks - great sounds :)

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I enjoy it rhythm .. But if there is a song poem, it feels more delicious

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@ubg. I like the music.

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Grate post.

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Nice instrumental music. Thank you for sharing!
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well i dont know about the xx but thanks for the post!

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Cool songs, thanks for sharing, greetings!!

Love the XX! The have a timeless sound IMO!

OMG! This is one of my favorites! I went to there concert in Amsterdam 2013! amazing concert! thanks for sharing!

The xx are magnificent. I'm glad you had the opportunity to listen to them live, you're very lucky

thx for your upvotes ... the sven

Love the xx! And my toddler asks for them by name...

Too Good! keep then coming!! This would be as background music for my virtual tours!!

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Beautiful music.....

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Love the xx :)

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@ubg amazing music!! Thank you for making this post !! I also want to thank you for opvoting my post of music videos with animals :3 Thank you so much! I am following you now! :D

I went to their concert a couple of years ago, great show! Hoping to see them again soon.

I love This TOO COOL !

One of my absolute favorites !!! ❤️

Yessss! My favourite song is "I Dare You"

Oohh i love this band #great post !!!

Very nice post, this is one of my favorite bands yeah!

i love the xx awesome group, my favorite is QOTSA (or kyuss) but the xx is nice i hope to them live myself