Looking past that

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For the past few weeks, I had been relentlessly been searching for natural justice. Whatever I do, I cannot really quench my thirst for it. I thought that I have lost the ability to claim that but, an opportunity presented itself.

There are a lot of reasons why someone gets silenced and are unable to speak their bit. It can be because they are not proficient in their language, people are impartial or that, they simply cannot understand what they were talking about. Sometimes, fear, anxiety paralyzes us and instead of speaking our truth or advocating for ourselves, we chose the easy way for the sake of peace.

For the first time that this happened to me, I chose the path of peace. I believe that it is a once off occurence. Unfortunately, I became so comfortable in my position that these things do not just vanish into thin air.

Its not about being proven right. For me, its more about being heard, having my point seen. I did not get that.

I am reflecting if its still very much important to get that much sought justice: Yes. But, I am not going to look just on that price but on the future as well. I am looking past that hurt. Past that justice. I want to heal. I want to be at peace.

I am still a Christian. I still believe in god. I believe god does not want me to remain an empty husk quenching her thirst for justice when, there are so much more in life out there.

This would have been difficult to say exactly a year ago but, I am going to say it now: Forgive for your sake. Move for your sake. Then look back where you've come from.