Catching Up

I know that a lot of you guys are wondering what had been happening to me these past few weeks. Why am I not posting more? What was I thinking? What was I doing?

Almost everyone knows that I am working as a nurse. As such, I have to make sure that I honor my commitments to my patients. I have always avoided writing when I am tired and stressed in case I might say something that might violate anyone else's privacy- no matter what happened in there.

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When I get back at home sometimes- sometimes, that would be early morning, late night or early afternoon depending on my shift, I felt so drained and tired. Writing would be at the back most part of my brain.

Yes. It would have been great to open a window and find out more on what I do at work. But, I won't. I love my patients, I love my work. Protecting their stories and privacy are one of the ways I do that.


Welcome to the boat... I haven't posted in a long time, too...

yeah. probably cause we're busy? hahahahahaha how have you been?