Cutting Ties

I have been browsing through my social media account today. In one of my feeds, I saw a group of people who had been there from the beginning of my journey here. Unfortunately, there was a massive fall out and I ended up cutting ties with them.

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I felt jealous. I felt alone. I felt rejected looking through the posts. But, I also felt that the best decision I had made for me was to cut ties with them. I believe that if something or someone is making you uncomfortable, unhappy, hurts or damages you, the best thing is to cut them loose.

I had been wondering today if my decision to cut ties with them was the best one- considering that I am feeling alone and lonely. But, I am old enough to realize that its better to be alone, safe and be with a genuine person than have friends who will stab or hurt me anytime.


yeah, it's not easy to feel lonely but it's harder to be in bad company

got that right!better alone