It's been a long while...

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Damn...almost 3 years of inactivity...

Just came by to say "hi" and see how many of those I used to interact with are still here.

Is Hive doing OK? Is it growing?

Is it worth giving it another shot?

My comment section used to flood from comments when I published stuff back in the day. Loved it. Not expecting the same level of interaction but it would be cool if you stopped by and say "hi" too.'s actually been so long that I cannot seem to find a way to deny any rewards this post makes.

Feel free to flag and all if it gets any :) as long as you say "hi" first. Or else I'll find you.


3 years just flies by.
I can't believe that you haven't popped by in that lenght of time.

Hive is good but moving slowely.
The teams have been building lots of infrastructure which is boring but important in the long run.

Some of the apps like splinterlands and leofinance, ecency and more are growing nicely so with a few more like these we should get a nice pick up in the next bull run.

Other than that there is no drama here much. The community left have matured a lot and focus on growth instead of fighting. Not all but 99%.

Great to see an old face pop back up though. Welcome back.

Not even sure I am back tbh brother. Just checking out left and right to see what's new, for now. Are you doing ok? Been a long time

Welcome back. Don't worry about the rewards.

Hive is... a long story.

Jeeez...duuuude. How you doing?

Needless to say that you used to be amongst my favorites. Talented and sharp. How is your journey since then? Are you still a regular here?

I'm alright. Been off and on. Not a regular poster anymore and it's been like that for awhile. Short bursts.

There's all kinds of new stuff. PeakD has a Discord clone. LEO has a twitter clone called threads.

Too much to list. It's good but you know how things get when the price is down. Still, they just had Hivefest in Mexico.

Could probably sit here all day trying to tell you what's new.

Nice to hear you're ok. At the end of the day it's the one and only thing that matters most.

Shame for newcomers that they won't have the chance to read and see some good shit regularly, but you obviously have your reasons. Daily grinding around here can be really exhausting. has this thing not taken off already since so many things are happening?

It's baffling. At the same time it's decentralized. It's up to the people. Can't just push a button and make Hive go. All you can really do is do your own thing, while others are doing theirs. Just let it all happen and hope a reasonable amount of people have the same productive work ethic all at the same time.

I've always thought it would be next to impossible to get everyone on the same page, then once there, push everything forward.

Again, decentralized. That's a new thing to this world even this many years later. Tough to grasp.

And how are you doing? I'm always happy to see old faces show up again.

Doing great buddy. Had my ups and downs like everyone but the last years life has been...let's say super, suuuuper generous with me, (add personal choices and a lot of effort in the mix of course).

Ffs, you have no idea how awesome it feels talking again with people like yourself after all these years. It's not just the's also a reminder of how everything begun, of where I used to be and where I am...a diary full of freakin memories.

Yeah I've been trying to do the same; get that blood flowing. That daily grind from back in the day wore me out. It's good to know you didn't waste that time.

Stick around. Go at your own pace. Noobs are quiet it seems and don't really mingle much, focused on their daily grind, but I'm sure you'll see a lot of familiar faces.

Explore, try out the new stuff. It's kind of nice. I'll go on threads and shit post from time to time. It's fun. One day I said, "Hi" and then upvoted everyone responding. Good times.

Ah well you've still been poking around Twitter and whatnot.
Hivefest just ended.
I'm seeing many mixed feelz.
Obviously if the next bull market is fueled by decentralized social media you'll basically be forced to engage, eh? :D

Not even posting on Twitter that frequently either lately but some HBD tweet caught my attention.

Is decentralized social media the next narrative or a dream we used to have over the years? :P

Well I mean it seems a lot more likely this time around with Rumble and Mastodon and NOSTR and Friend.Tech and Bluesky floating around. The social media angle seems like it's becoming a thing. It's also possible that DESO is the narrative and Hive continues getting ignored regardless of being around before all the shiny new things launched. It's not like MAKER spiked in price when DEFI 2020 hit, even though DAI + ETH collateral was one of the very first ICOs to actually have a usecase and also not die during the 2018 bear market. At the end of the day degens want to gamble on a token that just launched.

I just feel that "write to earn" just like "play to earn" had its time. Yo...that's just me tho.

I don't know how Hive's tokenomics are these days but back in the day, it was terrible. If it was up to me I would have changed so many things...for the better. Of course it never was my call. :P :P

Those who pull the strings around here should have already have integrated Hive token and HBD with other chains. When there's will there's always a way. Especially HBD, should be a defi participant somewhere (outside of this ecosystem). Unless of course it is and I don't know it

As you already know, having good tech and delivering alone can't do shit. You need need marketing, not shills...A look at the top 100 coins ranked by mcap and 90%+ are for the trash bin. They lack tech, utility and all...that should ring some bells.

Hm yep basically.

Write to earn is fine if the value of the writing is greater than the amount it's been rewarded, but really how much are these words worth? Debatable to say the least. We very much need infrastructure that allows the community to build real measurable value that is rewarded by way of its own merit. Obviously that is much easier said than done. As for interoperability with other chains that seems to be slow going but actually is a priority for developers around here.

The fees on the eth blockchain will slaughter minnows and hive will still be here waiting for them

You know there's defi outside of ETH too,right? RIGHT?

Yea they are getting to thousands in numbers

You can set me as your beneficiary of the reward of the post or delegate ur hive power to me if you choose to go inactive again .

It's been long since u stepped your feet here welcome back .....

It's like the bears have caught up with you 😃

Delegate the last 60 HIVE I am left with? For real?

Will I be able to comment and all then? I remember RCs used to be a thing. No?

Yea rc is still a pain in the ass, wow didn't check ur account, guessed u didn't just leave you powerdown

Welcome back :D

Welcome back! 3 years is a long time, but you'll still find many familiar faces in here.

Let's see! Thanks for dropping by mate!

Welcome back!

You know, you're comeback might be a sign of good times for the market.

Not everyone stays around during the bear market.

How you doing offchain?

I am really well. Lots of stuff happened since the last time we talked so there def will be stories to tell every now and then...probably...

Bear or bull makes little difference to me. Btw if you can't make money during bear (since bear times is what you mentioned) then you won't make during bull times either. It's the mentality, not the conditions ;)

That applies if you are a trader 😉. I consider myself to be an investor after six years in crypto. We'll see though.

Wish you all the best and see you around!

Welcome back.

Now, write something so awesome no one can resist giving you upvotes.

Upvotes is my last concern tbh. Expressing oneself without the fear of being censored is why everyone should be here imo. Everything else is a little bit of extra

That's a good way to look at it.