3Speak.tv is down?

Looks like 3Speak.tv has been down for over an hour now. As of this posting it's still down. Anybody have any intel on this?
It shows "Error 502: Bad Gateway"


yep, it's down for me too :-/

@theycallmedan - let me know who I should be tagging when these problems arise. Sorry for the disturbance in the force ...

Thanks for confirming brother

It is back up. If the site ever goes down again there is a open-source desktop app that allows you to post your video directly to Hive without needing 3speak.tv to be up. https://github.com/3speaknetwork/3Speak-app/releases/tag/v0.1.14

@xeldal - a guy who hasn't posted on chain since 2019 thought this post was worth 20 hive.. lol.

There is a 3speak discord server with tech support btw.

26 hive for asking a question... wow.
Isn't that just beautiful..
I got scroll through your blog/YT channel and see if you've ever actually talked about solutions to the situation we are all suffering under.
And how to effect meaningful change.