Retro #newsteem viral advertising video!

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About six weeks ago, @lovejoy and I sat at @caffetto in uptown Minneapolis, discussing Steemit, it’s recent successes and longer term challenges throughout the pains of what feels like an endless bear market. Parsing the technical issues, it really came down to enthusiasm. Blockchain was everywhere in 2017, then no where. Not in the news, or on the streets, except of course for the loyalists like us. Steemit Inc. really righted the ship with new leadership, but how do you foster that enthusiasm which was once so easy […especially with STEEM at $0.12]?

We did what any good Steemian would do. We started thinking of what change we could have on a renewed sense of excitement for the community. These brainstorming ideas always start with hypotheticals, like “…what if we did this, and shot it there?”. #newsteem was a concept just embraced by the Steemit community after HF21. @lovejoy and I postulated on how the essence of “#newsteem” could be portrayed and conveyed visually, in way that would be funny, and immediately relatable for a reboot.

Smash cut to a month later, @lovejoy and I bought an original Nintendo, dug up our Steemit vinyl stickers courtesy of @roadscape and arranged a perfect set location for this jejune snapshot of mid 30’s, any city, every Steemian person, frustrated with the thing they love not working like it’s suppose to, then bring given new life. A breath of fresh air. I hope you all find this as funny as it was for us to make. I rarely “love” something I produce, but man, this makes me laugh every damn time.

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old school Nintendo looks so cool

This is dope! Love the gaming theme. Short and sweet; great little ad.

Lol the good old blowing under the cartridge!

The video made me smile :D

This is everything!💜

Ahhh hahaha! This turned out so great! You did such a great job with the shoot and edit! I want to see this trending on Twitter and other social networks with #newsteem ;) ... I think my nerd factor just went up 1000% ... oh well.

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Man, that was cool! The NES was such an incredible console back in the day! So many fond memories! Which game did you use for the steemit game?