Opening 500 Rare Gods Unchained Packs

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Opening 500 Rare Gods Unchained Packs

Trying to get last two legendaries for demigod board

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I’m glad u waste your money on that crap! Those things are going to zero! Perma flagged u r! I take more steem from u than u take from me! loser!

LOL, so salty.

I'll let you know how many times over I double my money.

Here's the thing, you didn't do a good job on the post explaining what they are, how much they cost, where to get them, you need to have a brief explanation because I'm surely not going to lick on that link and with the video if I don't know wtf it is all about! I don't even know if they are like coins, physical cards, don't know squat! You wanna get investors then u need to hold their hand better! Need to supply a preface to each video post about this kind of meaningless stuff! All u do is post a video link, seems spammy to me! You could do a little better! flag

P.S. you would be salty too if you had an U that had so much sp that was a dick! lol go away!

After helping me which I thanked you for and letting me see how to not get down votes you down vote me well thanks for your help anyway I'm a Steemian not salty in any way stay well

I down your post if I don’t like it simple as that! Also I noticed you reposted that sane meme that was flagged by steemit originally! I don’t have any agendas, i just flag what I like and don’t like! Memes are tough, you won’t nail hardly any of them . Make a good one that goes viral and i’ll upvote! Maybe I downvoted the other one cause it didn’t make any sense to me. Your memes r twisted and violent with hidden messages! lol Nothing personal but your meme just piss me off which is good but do not end up in me pressing the desired button every time!

Also it’s not like i cereal 🥣 downvote you or anything. Now and then i will if i feel like it but it is all organic dvs from me! A dv from me should be taken as constructive criticism. A dv from me is better than no dv at all, at least i gave your post the time if day! thanks 🙏

I don't need to explain, most of the people watching it already invested or play Gods Unchained. This is just an "opening video".

As for being salty, it is all the result of your actions. I gave you multiple chances.

Fine! I’m not even salty, it’s like a dollar a day at most! I’m actually in the best mood ever today, I make so much money doing nothing it’s great! Idk

Yep he is salty spam lol who can't take what he gives out keep up the good work thanks

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

500 packs?!!? Holy balls homie.

Damn. I’m about 120 or so, lol. Did you get the cards you needed? I’ve been at work all day and can’t watch.


where did you you go to find out what the diamond card estimated worth was?

just watched the end parts so might have missed something and put your wallet address in. That will tell you how much you spent, estimated collection value, and every single card you have

500 packs is nuts! It's always interesting to see big hauls like this. Thanks for sharing.