Colorado River with @vintagevandalizm

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It’s throw back Thursday and after I shared footage from the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs it reminded me of a cool video I captured out in Nevada.

While driving around in Colorado, there were many times where the mountains reminded me of the familiar Nevada landscape. Other areas made me think of Pennsylvania and some looked like home. I grow more curious about other states and have considered taking a road trip. Maybe with my bestie. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone hiking and I didn’t realize how much I missed it!

This outdoor photo session of our good friend @vintagevadalizm was photographed by @kommienezuspadt fall of last year. With the hot Vegas sun looming over the dessert, we waited indoors for it’s gradual decent before driving out to this hidden oasis. Our small party had no idea what was in stored for us, only hearing about locals occasionally venturing in this direction to cool off on the waters edge. A short walk through gravel and sand before I was met with the amazing view of sparkling waters and cascading mountains in the distance.

I didn’t think to bring a swimsuit or a change of clothings so I opted to accompany @guthrie on his mini adventuring. It was amusing to see him discover small pebbles and sticks which he’d toss into the water. I had to remind him to be mindful of the photo shoot happening beside us, ushering him to different areas where he could still play under my watchful eye. With @guthrie preoccupation, I was able to capture behind the scenes footage of the shoot and I’m glad I did because the shots captured were mesmerizing. I loved the overall mood of this photo shoot and @vintagevandalizm looked like a goddess!

Thanks for stopping by! 🦊

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I was just too focused on the movement of the water really it seems hypnotic by all means. Hahaha look at that looks like an Egyptian princess taking a bath lol it's so creamy

The water is so mesmerizing and I agree, she’s got a very regal look to her. ^^

Wow, she's gorgeous!

Isn’t she!? Her confidence overflows and she’s also got one killer wardrobe!

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Haaa nice slow mooo :D

I don’t do them often but when I dooo... 👌🏼✨😁

With Slow motion and nice look, it was pretty good to watch the video with nice background music.