Thunkgaria Crypto Reserve Holding AUDIT

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Wow! The last holdings update was back on 4/22/2022, before the UST implosion. We lost some funds during that but let's look at where we currently stand.

Relics in the game 9864 (11/28/2022) vs 6163 (4/22/2022).
The Relics are currently backed by 180 HBD & USDC 216 for $396 USD in value.
This means each in Game Relic is worth $0.04

$0.04 was the same value we had back on 4/22/2022 which means our investments are growing at the same rate as our in-game relic supply.

I will be introducing another 2000 relics with marketplace purchases this week.
I am setting the buy back rate at $0.05 per relic and the Hive value at $0.40.
This will be the locked in rate during this event.

So for every 8 relics you trade in you will get 1 Hive. I am limiting the buyback event to 100 Hive total. This is the current liquid Hive we have. Also I am limiting the buyback to 10 Hive per user.

I am limiting the buyback to our liquid Hive vs our Crypto Reserves as HBD is currently growing at 20% and our USDC is providing Liquidity over on Osmosis. I want to let these continue to grow so we can increase our price per Relic.

Now don't freak out I plan on doing more Relics-to-Hive as money comes in from our new merch store.

Also some people don't want to purchase in-game relics. So I am thinking about a system where for every purchase of Thunkgaria merch you will also receive some relics. Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

Remember the merch store is at
Let me know if there is an item you want to see. I am working on new items as we speak.


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