The Technology of Printing : Most important of all time.

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Printing is an old invention yet very powerful than any other invention. Earlier when printing technology was not available, at first all the information, knowledge and wisdom was shared in verbal form with no second chance of revising it unless the techer was ready to recite it again and again.
ImageSource Only those who can remember by listening just by once and forever were able to receive anything extraordinary form their teacher. Years past and the way of writing and a suitable paper for the purpose was developed that simplified the process of knowledge transfer to a certain extent. Even now very few people have acess to all those hand written books and handwriting was a prime need for such books
ImageSource above all, every new hand written edition was bound to inappropriate compared to first and original edition and people making the copies are more likely to add to remove something according to their understanding. Many years went by and the most innovative technology of Printing was developed which changed the way of knowledge sharing forever. Now more and more people have access to the copies even if they are simply intrested in buying them and not in reading.
ImageSource If you have intrest in the book you bought you can travel through time simply by opening a book. I can releate to this because when I was in High School, I was never intrested in reading History Civics and Economics however after all these years when I took Economics of class 10 and started reading all those examples from economic situation of different countries. I was feeling as if everything is happening in front of me, as if I was experiencing most of it.
ImageSourceWas it all possible of print technology was not invented? I guess simple answer is no. Plz do share what you feel about this and it's importance.

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