Tip Me A Coffee - A Social Media On Blockchain | Tmac.finance - A DeFi By Breeze Foundation

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Hello everyone!

Breeze DAO

Breeze is a decentralized autonomous organization which has mainly come to provide the decentralized and an open source social media and to reward the social media users for their activities and to provide the freedom of speech without any resistance.

Breeze has developed following dApps:

  1. Tip Me A Coffee (Social Media)
  2. Tmac.finace (DeFi)

Tip Me A Coffee

Now a days there are a lot of social media networks with a lot of users as everyone is linked with the social media networks. But all those social media networks and applications are controlled by the central authorities and the users do not have freedom of speech, and users are also not rewarded for their activities.

Breeze Foundation has introduced Tip Me A Coffee social media to cope with these problems. Tip Me A Coffee has been developed on the Breeze Blockchain with the following features:

  • Tip Me A Coffee provides freedom of speech
  • There is no centralization
  • There is no censorship

Tip Me A Coffee is a #share2earn social media which rewards its users for their activities. When users share their content at Tip Me A Coffee they are rewarded with the $TMAC tokens when others like(upvote) their content. When users like (upvote) others then they get the curation rewards which are directly transferred to their accounts.

Tip Me A Coffee Affiliate Program

Tip Me A Coffee has a wonderful affiliate program which makes it more unique than the other social media platforms. When users refer others with their referral link they become eligible for the lifetime rewards. Whenever anyone likes posts of referrals the referring person earns 2% rewards of that upvote.


Breeze Foundation has its own wonderful DeFi on the binance smart chain named as Tmac.finance, It is the best best DeFi with the following unique features:

  • There is no staking fee
  • There is no unstaking fee
  • Flexible staking
  • You can enter at any time
  • You can exit at any time
  • Withdrawal at any time

Tmac.finance Affiliate Program

Tmac.finance offers exciting referral reward. When anyone joins tmac.finance DeFi with your referral link, referring person gets 10% of all the rewards earned by the referral.

Useful Links

Breeze Foundation | Tip Me A Coffee | Tmac.finance | Breeze Explorer | Submit Proposals | Forum | Help Desk

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