How to Save Internet Data Quota on Android

  1. Use the Chrome Data Saver feature for browsing.


If you are a Chrome browser user, then you can bypass the use of data quota by enabling the Data Saver feature. To enable this feature you can go to Settings menu> Data Saver> ON. This feature will compress your data up to 50% to reduce data usage on your HP Android.

2. Disable unwanted synchronization options.

One way to save data quota is to disable an account that has sync options and you do not use regularly. To get started, you can go to Settings menu> Accounts> select the account you do not want to synchronize. This will save your data quota because the app will not automatically connect to the internet.

  1. Limit mobile data usage and enable the warning.

You must know dong feature usage warning data and limit system built-in in each HP Android? You can use this feature to give you a warning when your data usage has exceeded the limit. To use it you can go to Settings> Data usage> Celular data> Set cellular data limit. Tap to activate it.

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