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We decided to participate to @theycallmedan initiative because we are a community of curators and, during our stay on the platform, we meet many valid users. For this reason we thought it would be nice to bring our #TopHivers.

Having met a multitude of valid authors and artists, it was not easy to decide between only five authors!
After some reflections, here is our TOP 5!


Armandosodano is our favorite art teacher, how not to include him in this top?
We had the pleasure of meeting Armando almost at the beginning of his experience on steemit (it is bad to mention ...) and we were immediately fascinated. Among breathtaking watercolors glimpses of the land in which he lives, and small brackets on the history of art, we certainly consider him one of the most complete authors/artists on the platform. Definitely a profile you should go to!


A girl with golden hands! We have always repeated it and we like to start the small description of this fantastic artist. Within his profile creativity is the order of the day, each of his posts contains small masterpieces, which can range from drawing/painting, to modeling of clay, to marble or wood sculpture. A 360 degree artist who will amaze you with his sensitivity and creativity.


In our curation journey we were lucky enough to meet Partitura. When we saw or rather listened to what came out of the keyboard under his hands, it was love at first sight. Of course there is a need for a minimum of sensitivity to understand the various compositions, but we are sure that on this platform there will be many users who will appreciate it.


If you are passionate about science and biology in particular, then this author is perfect. Spaghettiscience deals with the analysis and sharing on the community of many interesting studies such as the ones on Wolbachia, parrots and the Nile crocodile. Furthermore, he presented us with some interesting projects such as that of WePower and, during the lockdown period, he kept us informed about the situation of Coronavirus, for example talking about the main protagonists of public opinion and sharing the latest information from the Science world.


Libertycrypto27's blog is very diversified and includes the author's successes on the Hive platform, his thoughts and also some family experiences and the personal growth. But what the author seems to love most are the guides. In fact, libertycrypto27 with his tutorials is a point of reference for many Hive users. For example, he recently delighted us with some guides like those on Dcity.

We liked this initiative very much and we think that making new authors known is fundamental both for new users and for those who have been on the platform for many years!

For this reason, we also propose the project that we have been carrying out for some time called Behind Hive. This project aims to present some authors that we consider worthy of note, for now we have talked about @piumadoro, @borjan and @alejandra.her! Go take a look at these posts!

We conclude this post by asking @theycallmedan what are his 5 TopHivers!

See you next time,

Discovery-it Team

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I loved the selection. I think @discovery-it is curating quality content all the time.

Thank you!! :)

Great selection.

Thanks for the recommendations and have a great day.

Have a beautiful day you too! :)

LibertyCrypto27 is one of my favourite blog!

I agree! :) thanks for stopping by

Wow it is a great honor for me to have been mentioned in this initiative by @discovery-it
Thank you so much :)

Thank you for the good and useful contents! :)

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