Tradeqwik Announces Adjustment in Upvoting Strategy

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We at Tradeqwik absolutely love upvoting our customers who also have Steemit accounts. For a while we were giving an automatic upvote to anyone who registered an account on Tradeqwik and shared their VIVA ID. You all enjoyed the boost and we were happy to give it.

But then some people thought it would be a great idea to register an account with us and then publish 45 posts a day of questionable quality, depleting our upvote value for everyone else.

So we came up with a new plan for now, pending more sophisticated upvoting tools which are currently in development.

We still love to upvote your posts, but now we need you to have some skin in the game. Everyone who owns TQS shares will get our automatic upvote--one percent for each share held up to 20%. If you don't own any TQS, you can easily pick some up on Tradeqwik for just 10 VIVA each. You can think of our automatic upvote as an added benefit to holding TQS shares, especially if you tend to publish frequently on Steemit. Of course, the weekly dividend payments continue for all TQS holders regardless of whether or not you write on Steemit.

In this way, we all help each other out. You help us out by owning our shares, and we help you out by upvoting your posts. It's a beautiful thing!

In other news, VIVA Holdings @vivacoin has started an initiative to raise funds to assist victims of the recent devastating 7.2 earthquake in Mexico City. You can join in the effort by making donations in several prominent cryptocurrencies. All the information you need to make your donation can be found in this article as well as here. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

The VIVA Peg is currently at $9.41. It's very close to its target of $10.

Finally, if you log on to Tradeqwik and navigate over to the exchange you can read all the Discord Trollbox conversation while you're setting up your trades! Check it out!

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Great! Now I have a question, are you going to automatically set the automatic upvote for us (the TQS holders)? or do we need to leave here the VIVA ID?
Just in case, my VIVA ID is 5493568735688774273
I'll try to get more TQS to get more upvote, at least one TQS more

If you were already in our system and you already own TQS, you should be good to go. If you just bought your first TQS, probably best to reach out to us on Discord to get set up.

Thanks! I already have! so I should get the upvotes :D

I would say so, but please reach out if it's not working for you as we outlined.

No, I haven't been receiving it as @kiokizz said, I only have 0.8 TQS, could that make it don't work?should I receive 0.80% upvotes?

Currently the votes are only being given per whole TQS.

all right :/ I'll try to get at least one in the next days

Looking at it appears you haven't been getting the automatic up-vote, so you may not be in the system.

What is tradeqwik?

Its so amazing how tradeqwik is really helpful
Great effort by them

Tradeqwik is really such a unique exchange... that is, even before we talk about the amazing VIVA system ... it upvotes its token TQS holders and distribute dividends of all kinds of cryptocurrencies back to them! Good job! :)

Definitely a good move. Now to buy a few more TQS.

Good to see the troll box live. Might need to buy another TQS soon.

A second thought after I see this post - do you mind I translate this post into Chinese and I will add some personal comments in the post as well. To show my support for what you have done here, I will donate all the SBD from that post for the charity event you mentioned here. Thanks.

I think that would be fine :)

Great! Thanks. I should finish this within 24 hrs. :)

I have been following on Discord about all the proposed changes and current updates to TQ and the VIVAconomy. Fully support this community and I am all in every VIVA. Also, I recently bought 50 TQS and my viva ID is 7862166029185734448. VIVA the VIVAconomy!

This seems like the most equitable way to do things. You want a vote, come buy some TQS. :) By the way it looks like I seem to have fallen off the vote trail, sending you my viva id

This response was long enough to warrant a blog posting...

Donation from the CN community:

1. Receive 125.000 SBD from deanliu, breaking down to:

1.1 85.247 SBD from deanliu from this translated post
1.2 Receive 20.000 SBD from oflyhigh
1.3 Receive 10.000 SBD from hannahwu
1.4 Receive 5.000 SBD from sunnyjolly
1.5 Round up by deanliu

2. Direct donations to tradeqwik:

2.1 Receive 30.000 SBD from wilkinshui
2.2 Receive 20.000 SBD from catwomanteresa

I have been introduced viva and TQS of what it is trying to achieve and to provide stable income which is a fairly new concept in cryptocurrency world. I feel i have gathered more crytocurrency knowledge now and would definitely take more time on viva and tqs. Thank you for the effort and i wish you and your team all the best.

welcome to find out more!

Good plan. Trying to make time to be on Steemit more often. I've got 5 whole TQS and some change and just wanted to make sure I'm in the system. Viva ID 8501363179338145383. Thanks!

Sad story. A lot of energy goes into closing the holes, that people used to abuse the system. Hopefully, it works now.

I think it makes a lot of sense to require someone to hold at least some asset in the VIVAconomy before they get the Up vote. So I like this new paradigm. Helping each other out is certainly a beautiful thing!

Well I was able to donate just 0.5sbd for the Earthquake which happened in Mexico city
That's little but I do hope it counts

every cent counts! :)

that is indeed a kind word, and thanks for your encouragement

Thank you for the continuous upvotes and keep up the great work! With this idea alone having TQS produce great value in more than one way already!

Hmmmm. @nextgen622 resteemed you or I never would have seen this.

I need to look into it now. While the steemit upvote assistance is very awesome, I don't want to join ONLY for free upvotes.

Let me have a look and I'll join in if possible!

Thank you and buena suerte!

My suggestion - buy just 1 Vivacoin (now you can still get them around $5) and you will start the whole journey. :)

thanks for sharing

Good to see this news, I thought it was not comming again the tradequikupvote

Tradeqwik is new to me. But I am looking forward to learning more about the platform when I get home from work. Seems like a cool perk to give!

@tradeqwik you are a great man.i love you bro.i get inspreation from you.i follow upvote and resteem your post.good job .go ahead

Great post bro.Congratulation

great job...thanks for shearing

I am trying to get my forth TQS now! :)

This is great. When does this change begin?

I think it has already begun, mate!

Thanks mate! :)

I’m new to this platform but will definitely look into buying some

I have ~0.5 TQS, does that count for automatic upvote :notsure: I had 2 more but sold it because of necessity.

@libert the vote is currently being given based on number of whole TQS held.

awesome post.good job

I'll buy for testing 1 TQS. And we'll see ...

So you are upvoting people's blog posts when they hold a share? Damn, that's a good marketing stunt :D

Thanks for the update and explanation of the changes. It makes sense and I support the decision.

just got my pop of my TQS. how do I make sure I'm in the system?

You should head to the TradeQwik Discord channel (link in post above) and inquire there. Support should be able to assist.

Thanks. I shall do that

I have just signed up, thanks for the information.

@i10x, you were recommended by @francistagbo . im following you now. #teamGhana here

Hi, I just bought 1 TQS. Will I get upvotes from Tradeqwik Steem account for it?

Hi @tradeqwik, I'm learning about your platform and I think it has some really great features, and the VIVA system is really awesome.

I want to buy a TQS, I'm a VIVA holder, there is a way to buy it directly from VIVA or I have to go first trhough BTC,BCH,ETH?