Bitcoin Technical Analysis Monday 07 August

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Here's what Bitcoins looking like for the next few days.

1 hour candles showing sideways trading the last 24 hours between $3270-$3166 bollinger bands narrowing and moving averages consolidating.

Difficulty Change in 2.5 days.

Segwit lock-in in 2.5 days.

Segwit Road-map.

It looks like were getting ready for another big breakout this week
All will be clear after difficulty change in 2.5 days, a big rise in dedicated hashing power will speed up activation period in Segwit and I think it will come earlier than expected possibly within the next 2 weeks.

Looking like upward mobility is definite...I would say buy

Disclaimer: Views contained are my own opinion based off of charts,trading is risky business do so at your own risk and dont trade more than your willing to lose.

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Chart source:

Difficulty Chart: Bitcoin Wisdom

Segwit Activation: xbt

Segwit Roadmap: bitcoinmagazine

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Have added all my recent TA's.

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