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Hi Luc,

Firstly, thankyou for your content. I was very sad when you pulled your YouTube channel, as I had only discovered your videos 2 days prior, and was very happy to see you re-emerge.

As a result of watching your videos, I have started 'day trading' (or more appropriately, 'after work and on weekends when I get time away from my 2 year old' trading.

I have some questions:

  1. I recently bought a cracked base on the BTC/ETH pair. Looking at the potential percentage (assuming a return to form rather than an outsized bounce), I was a little disappointed that it was quite small. How do I increase my percentages? Trading low-cap coins only?

  2. Given the possible 10% upside, I felt a little cheated - like I had risked a lot for not much gain. Does it feel like that all the time?

I would need more info about your trade.. my base on that pair is at $170 and I started buying last night at $151 and i also got $142 and now Im hoping for 130 and under.. I am layering and really want more panic .. So im not sure if you were reading the chart effectively, because I dont know your entry

So, I picked my base at 0.08 (it had been tested twice with decent bounces), and cause it was late I set an auto-sell at 0.09 while I slept. But as you can see, thats only 12%. It just felt kinda risky for only a small percentage is all.

You did buy a little early on that one, probably because you were not zoomed out to a bigger picture, and looking at 1-2months of data, so that you could estimate what an average panic looks like.. you got in right after the crack of that base, but no worrys, it gave you a bounce anyways

12% ain't nothing (unless you're putting $50-$100 or so down).

LOL. Boo hoo I made 12% while I slept.

The average ANNUAL stock market return is 7%. In a year. 7% gained over 12 months.

You know how much you get in a savings account after inflation? In a year? Negative 5%, minimally.

You made 12% in 24 hours (12?). That's a win.

That's nothing but a win.


*For the record, I'm laughing with you, not at you.

I made the scanner 2 days ago (still testing and adding the features). But already found some cool trades with it (SIB coin, OK coin) Edit - coins falling now :)

do you work for Coinigy? or did you create your own scanner? either way I would love to beta test it for you

It uses Coinigy data and the tickers directly from exchange (to avoid the delay) But technically this is a standalone app. Ok, but for now it's a very very alpha :)

Nice to have a programmer among us.. please let me know how your project goes.. what I need a scanner to do is: spot a 10% drop in price, within a 5min period.. and it has to be real time, meaning it auto refreshes every second or 5 seconds or so.. would also be nice to have a min volume filter (but thats less important)

I was thinking about doing some thing like this with php/mysql, json data, storing the results, and then spitting out specified coins that match. But it sounds like you've already got this wheel invented. Any idea on what you might charge for this once you have it ready? Thanks for working on this, btw!

Hi, Luc. I have a suggestion. In www. we have almost 1000 coins listed.
Your group of followers here already has above 1000 people. I suggest that you create a post where everybody can post pictures of their chart analysis showing the bases and possible safe buying zones.
You would only check and comment mistakes your students may commit.
If we spread our efforts, we'll be able to cover all coins and kepp finding the best opportunities for trading. It would be a useful post for all of us and everybody could contribute a little if they want so.
What do you think?

It sounds interesting but I doubt even 25% of my followers are regular steemit users.. if you look at the upvotes on each post, i average around 100 votes per post, so the regular followers are only 100 and the other 900 only visit steemit once and a while.. then the question is how many of the 100 are actually trading.. possibly 30-50 .. and then out of those 30-50, how many will dilegently check the charts for us everyday... i dunno.. but with a scanner ill feed everyone every single panic drop, exactly when they happen..

I am now a devoted follower :). Im sure we could hire a developer to create a customized scanner if no one comes through here. I'd be the 1st to add money to the pot!

Oh, yes indeed.. There is a programmer in this thread that was talking about working on it.. he made a first stage scanner and has been testing it out for a few days.. but yeah, if we all ask around, maybe we can find someone to work on this for us.. I would gladly pay aswell

I am also working on a scanner based on the comments you mentioned in your video

Maybe @cyberwolf will create freely for everybody here in the group.

that would be great

I am willing to go in. In coinigy though, in the apps tab they do have a scanner that says coming soon. I dont know how long its been there, at least since May.

I'm a super devoted follower too ! I read your posts daily and I upvote all your posts! ...

And I hope I can get some good trades if you spot any too =)

Yes, the numbers are discouraging.
My hope is that: as people start making more money trading using your method, they'll come here more often and would feel like contributing.
This specific post would also be a way for newbies understand and see examples from other followers. They would realize that the method is not complicated to understand and would be encouraged to apply. The scanner would, of course, be such a valuable tool. Thank you for your precise observations.

I do think that this is just the start.. Im really going to try to keep up daily with everyones questions (as the followers grow), and before you know it, well probably have a group of very profitable traders here :)

Sadly or proudly, not sure which one, HA, I've been scanning charts for at least 1.5 to 2 hrs a day. checking/moving alerts as the charts move.. I was trying to trade on a few exchanges but only focusing on one just due to how long it takes to look at all of them.


I am willing to donate to this scanner. I am trading cryptos full time (for now)

I would love to know if there is any progress, and possibly have us testing/using it :)

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Happy 1 year on Steemit luc ! I paid coinigy and bought some steem coins based on my positive experience from your posts...

Perhaps you can put a referral link to your coingy or any tools you use and we will gladly use your link.. or even a steem donation link as we'd like to donate to you to encourage you to keep posting videos..

We'll see if it happens this year, but for what it's worth Coinigy has this feature on their 2017 roadmap. Sorry if someone already mentioned this, but I didn't see it in the comments anywhere.

This video from Dec 2016 details their 2017 roadmap - which includes a lot of other awesome things in the works as well, like an iOS app, more customizability of the web interface, and even Coinigy's own exchange. Starting at 25 minutes he goes over the ChartScanner they're working on (though he doesn't give much detail).

Hey, thanks for the video link.. Yeah he doesnt discuss it much but it sounds hopeful that it will be here soon.. I emailed William yesterday and hes gonna get a hold of me next week.. I can't speed up the process but I can atleast get some sort of ETA for us.. Meanwhile im trying to get everyone to reach out to programmers and see if someone can build us a scanner

great tutorial,will definitely share with my friend

Hey Luc!

That would be a complete Game changer! Also don't you think a huge game changer would be if we could have a simple function on Coinigy, like "if Price falls below X, Buy X amount, then Sell at X price? Some little function like that so we can program the whole trade at one go would be awesome! By the way check out how this trade went for me, I found this coin looking at the low volume coins in Bittrex, its not super low volume but has a lot of volatility.

free image upload direct link

sweet trade! those small charts seem like mini gold mines.

Yes BTA is a nice coins, I did a 26% trade there

I have thought about that suggestion myself. "If this, then that." I'm sure somebody has developed a program to do just that. But will they give it to us...

There was some movement today so I finally tried to trade. But I panic sold at the first dip.


The red candle made me think that I misread the base and it will just bounce up to the previous level. Though I should trust ETH more.


I bought (too) fast cause the drop was big already, and I didn't want to get left behind. I don't trust this coin to be as reliable, so I made the same mistake of panic selling. Meh.

I also caught almost the total bottom of XEM, but I went in very small cuz it didn't really break anything.

Since it looked like it broke 2 supports or so, then I thought that it's going to only pop up to the previous levels. Since it bounced up where I thought it should, then I assume they were real bases...Guess I learned something today. Also I set up my alerts too soon, turns out I was way too impatient for this trading method. The red shouldn't scare me next time. For whatever reason I expected it to be a linear green till the end of bounce.
Nice drops happen on small coins, but before I get there the price is already up there. Hard to catch with alerts.
ARDR had some kind of flash crash on May 30, sadly it didn't repeat.

both those charts reacted properly.. they broke there bases and bounced back to them.. perfect examples really.. here is where I am presently with ETH:

Great share Luc.....I wasn't even aware this kind of thing existed. This is great because I literally have been going through all the altcoin pairs on bittrex and setting alerts lol.

Anyway, did you catch the panic drop on the BTC/USDT pair today? I got in at 2180, but couldn't sell when the alert came in at 2220 because I was at work.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.50.38 PM.png

I saw it but Im still waiting to see if we get a real crack of the 2000 area.. if there is a panic off that I will be ready to buy buy buy..

I bought some BTC/USD and ETH/USD when this week's bear market started, and am down a fair amount from then. I should've waited longer, as least before doing buys of the size I did. I think Luc's advice above is very good - let it go down a fair amount before buying in. We could see this bear market / correction continue - god knows everything's gone up like crazy the last 3 months.

EDIT Sunday morning: Holy shit. What a breathtaking drop. Nice to see something I said turn out to be wise!

Yup, its Sunday 930 am and ive started buying in the 150s and 140s and hopefully 130s and below.. we are now in a safe circle

Luc - Can you please take a look at BAY/BTC on BITTRIX, and let me know your thoughts on this chart.

If I placed a buy after the first crack below the base at .00001000, I might have taken a 10-20% loss... or should I just patiently wait for the bounce?

Should I now consider .00000700 to be the new base?


here ill post my buys and sells for you... but yes your safety circles are spot on.. good work..

Im not taking a loss on those last entries, im waiting for a bounce.. but if it BTC takes a nose dive it may influence BAY to crack lower, those are the breaks.. Still your entry was good and was a very high percentage trade, so thats great trading.. as you will notice in the chart I have already made many profits on BAY.. so if the worse happens and it cracks lower, im not to hurt by that.. however it will likely bounce.. buyers are just nervous here because of BTC forking issue

Thanks for posting your chart @quickfingersluc, that was very helpful for me.

As a general rule of thumb, how deep does the crack need to be for you to consider a buy? I've been looking for situations where the crack goes for an 8% dive or deeper to assure my trades are restricted to only ones that have a high expected value of return. Would you consider that a good rule of thumb or is there a different metric I should use?

If you have the free time I hope you can discuss the current uncertainty in the market due to BTC forking on August 1st in an upcoming video, and how your approaching this highly political issue within your trades. I would have assumed the uncertainty in the market would be good for your trading style, but I'm beginning to realize that my assumption may have been wrong.

Keep up the GREAT work, you are hands down my favorite source of market knowledge at this stage!

Another awesome video, Luc! Thank you!
Hope Coinigy check your suggestion. It'll definitely be a game changer for all of us, Luc's followers. :)

I totally agree.. and Ill let you know when I get a response.. I used to be part of there YouTube Channel, so they know me..

PSA: Everything is dipping. Check coinmarketcap. Get ready. If I won't make some trades this time, I will be sad. I've set 200 alerts and hope to finally use the base method.

Ill be listening for my alerts too this weekend.. come on gimmie a trade :)

This would help us 'day traders' with a job SO much! I would love this feature, since it would allow me to pop in, make a trade, set my sell, then pop back out without my boss getting pissed :D

Also, the trade chat room idea is a wonderful idea! Slack is a great platform for something like that. I'd be happy to help you set that up if you decide to go that route!

Thanks for your excellent videos, Luc!

thanks for the offer.. ill keep it in mind

I would get in slack too !

please consider telegram channel (beg beg beg)

If i find some programmer out there to make me a market scanner, then I will be alerting my trades for sure..

Great video again and I agree, a market scanner would be really great.
What I use so far is a combination of marking really good coins as favorites and all the others (like moderate to "maybe worthy") get color coded by right clicking the pairs and assigning colors from red (probably risky) over yellow to green (worth having a daily look and reset alerts).

This way I can run through all the greens on a pretty regular basis and I only take the time to set new alerts from everything below green/yellow like once a day and skip all reds and uncolored coins.

Anyway. Thanks for the great explanations and show offs of your trades. It makes it really easy to understand.

I am still struggling as I only have a very small account to deal with until I feel comfortable with the trades. Today I had an eye on SYNX/BTC during its skyrocketing and tried to catch the first dip but it was so fast that I wasn't able to catch this.
So how do you handle those kind of things when you try to catch the first dip on a really high bounce? Do you try to keep up a buy order like 10-20% below the top or do you try to react in time and hope to get the order through and catch it?

I also have difficulties to find a new base on a chart that came out of an upwards movement. For example ETH just bounced up to $225 yesterday and came down again to about $180 with a smaller bounce afterwards.
I guess the current (weaker) base would be the $190 (that already got cracked like 5 hours ago) with a stronger base at around $170 that got tested twice during the past 3 days, right?

Well, thanks again for your time and your well made videos/explanations, it is very much appreciated!

yeah that SYNX is rocketing to the moon 850% so far... I cant touch that now.. and ETH the 170 base is the one im gonna play off.. if i buy any before that crack it would just be nibbles.. no real position until we see some panic below 170

I've been waiting for this feature ever since I started using coinigy as well, can't wait for it to come out

That scanner thingy certainly sounds useful. But first I must make some good trades to know I grasp your technique.

As a heads up, SYNX went almost 1000% up today on Bittrex, though I don't know the reason. Maybe it will be an interesting coin in the future. Tho I think someone mentioned it above already.

yeah insane.. gotta be small and nibble to play up there at 800 to 1,000% up.. scary

Actually I think I found a bit of info. It seems all coins with masternode are being pumped now, too bad it seems everything has started or ended already. Check TX, MUE, CRW, DYN, EXCL on seems there's some coorinated pump by groups or whales. I don't have a lot of money, dropped a few dollars in each just to see what's going to happen, but I think if one were to gamble fortunes could be made today. Damn, if I knew this would happen a few hours before. I think BSD, MUE and CRW have some potential to go up, but the dump is gonna be hard.

If one were to put $500 at the start of each run and then waited to see what would happen rather than chase any in particular then you probably make a lot. and don't need to spend all the time worried about what's happening.

Yeah, good observation.. thanks for letting us know the news

Man, your videos are fantastic. Thank you. I'm working on being a daytrader full time now, and your examples have helped me a ton

I use Coinigy too, and that would be a fantastic addiction to the platform. I use the alerts too, but a scanner would be more helpful. Have you gone into the Coinigy Slack and asked them directly? I'm sure they'll get back to you through e-mail as well.

Coinigy asked me to join there youtube channel months ago.. i posted a few videos for them.. so they know me.. im sure they will respond soon.. but when will we get a scanner?? i dunno

Very cool! It looks like we're going into another weekend bear fest. Hopefully the Bitcoin scaling debate is solved July 21st by a majority signaling of Segwit2x, this may cause some upward momentum possibly afterwards.

Hey Luc, another great video. I am the guy who asked about percentages and the other poster showed keyboard shortcut. You touched on safety circles on this and made it really clear that those are good times to buy. Can you further explain this in the future? Thanks I watch your videos more than any other channels. Sometimes a couple times!

I think I explained the safety circles in the support and resistance video more than the rest. Ill try to touch on it again in the next video

New Steemit user here. I apparently found your original post and commented a question there, and just recently figured out how to get to your more recent posts through this interface. Since I am under the impression that you are paying attention to more recent posts, here is the comment question from the original:

Hello and Thank You sir. I was wondering if you could do a video on How to setup a wallet and exchange account? Or point me to a good one. Whenever I search google for one I get a bunch of stuff that either tells me how to build a miner or is written by someone who obviously is English as a Second Language and I get lost. I want to get into trading Crypto but have no idea where to even start buying in.

I am super new to all of this and really like how well you explain things. Going through and watching your other videos youve posted in the last few days now.

I think I just answerd your question on the previous thread

Hi Luc,
First of all , great training blog and YouTube vids.
I'm a new crypto trader from Australia.
I'm hesitating on the crack of bases because the price only just passes it - What's your advice on the perfect spot to get in, are there visual queues or spikes in volume?
I have hesitated on many trades in the last day because it has only just passed my alert on the base.
What's the perfect criteria that gets you into a trade - do you wait for it to pass your base by a distance?

Yup.. I want the crack of the base and then a panic drop for me to get in.. the crowd has to panic as a result of the crack.. thats the best situation.. but if you feel your missing alot of trades, then get involved anyway, just buy small and enjoy the trade.. if it bounces you make a little..and if it panic drops, then you get to buy in for real.. win win

It might be helpful for others to know that I've jumped in putting $20 to $40 at risk at a time. It's just dipping your toe in the water. Some have worked out great, others, I'm still waiting. So, I'm only making a couple of bucks, every experience is a learning tool. As I get more proficient with The Luc Technique I'll scale up. These conversations are invaluable. Thanks for everyone's contribution!

thats the best way... better than paper trading, best to have some money at risk, even just a little.. but before you know it you might be surprised how fast your tiny account can grow

These small volatile coins are amazing! Did a 44% percent trade today, could have done it twice but I accidentally set the sell order wrong so I missed the first spike, but got the second. I'm just using small amounts of money now, just to get some confidence but so far so good! I am starting to feel like mastering this little game is really going to change my life! God Bless you Luc!


I remember that excitement, when I made those first few awesome trade.. and guess what it just keeps getting better.. sometimes I just sit back at the end of a day and shake my head in disbelief that I made this awesome trade, but until now I just never shared it.. Thanks for the chart and congrats..

Its such a beautiful feeling! I am loving every second of this! Can't thank you enough! Another little chart from today.

Not Luc, but I can try to explain. He buys panic drops, which usually means a few red candles on a hourly chart. I am not sure how I would classify minimal cracks of the base, but almost certainly those aren't worth buying(For this method). Look at 10% drop as a minimum or so. SHIFT click in coinigy.
In the most basic form if I understood correctly:

  1. Look at chart in a context of one or two months with hourly candles.
  2. See if the price bounced from below last cracks.
  3. It's best if the coin has high volume(maybe 100 btc?).
  4. Buy once you see a panic(significant drop in price, 10%, few red candles usually).
  5. Sell at first bounce.
    You could and probably should layer in buys and sells, but there are no strict rules.

Thanks for your input, let's see if Luc has anything to add.

So random question here: Most hardware wallets only support BTC ETH and a few altcoins. If your holding other altcoins are you leaving them on the exchange? It looks like its not easy transferring other altcoins to and from a wallet like Firstblood(1st/btc) any thoughts? Also what time frame are you pulling you bitcoing from the exchange before the fork on the first? I know you can covert steem to steam $ then have to sit on them for a bit.

I do hold all those alt coins on the exchanges.. So to be a tad safer, i have registered for many less known exchanges and I hold my coins all over at many many exchanges, so one going belly up wont effect me much..
I havnt really decided on the btc wallet move yet.. I think we will get more and more information as we get closer to AUG 1st.. but for sure ill make the move early..

Thanks for the reply. Im asking around as well to see if i can find a programmer thats willing to try to make a scanner. Do you do much trading on the weekend? Has it been slow today for you? I went through every coin on bittrix this morning and set alerts but have not gotten one alert. = )

nah, i dont trade much other than stock market hours.. Monday to Friday 9-430.. im just watching a movie and answering questions on steemit.. slow day

Hey man, been watching your vids since number ten last year on youtube. Seen 95% of them and Im happy youre back. I miss alot of opportunities as I work but i have managed to used your method successfully many times now. Feeling pretty confident with my enrties but still sketchy on the exits. Wanna get closer to the sweet spot. Im improving but your insite would be much obliged on this topic.
I just joined steem to make this post. After I accumulate some steem profit, I'll most certainly return the favour. I owe you.

Well im glad to have you aboard.. Please post some of your trades as you make them.. Let's all make the $$ together..

Hi there, I'm a programmer and I've been doing research on making something to help with trading, and possibly automating it completely. I've only just been learning about it from your posts/videos so far and this is excellent research material in helping with that.

I've been looking at trading bots like Gekko, blackbird, tribeca, etc. but they didn't seem to reliably make money as reported by some of their users. I'm sure if you plug in the right algorithms they may but they don't seem to be there yet and I haven't tested them yet. So it still makes sense you would want to do the trades manually for now.

What you're describing as a scanner seems like something very doable though and I'm sure people will be able to make them do exactly what you want. I myself have been excited to work on something and see what I can come up with but I don't really have any money right now so I've been working on other stuff still so we shall see how it goes. I think what would help is if there was a precise set of requirements written out and a set of tasks to do and possibly even an open source project people could submit code to. What language would it be written in though? I could go through the video again later when I have time and organize things into a project on github or gitlab and separate the tasks and whatnot.

I hired a programmer once to write me and EA for MT4 for forex, I was trying to automate some trading idea, it didnt work out so great, leaving the decisions to a computer.. Every trade is different and its hard to let a computer press the buttons..
Honestly all I need is an alert system, a scanner, that lets me know when something is dropping.. Then I will react using my experience to guide me.

Yeah that's exactly what I thought would be the case.

It would certainly make it more challenging to automate it and require a fairly sophisticated AI to operate things properly, especially if it was to be able to take good or bad news into consideration somehow. But maybe it could also be driven by some sort of blockchain or peer to peer technology that could help in that area. Definitely a separate project though.

I have been at a music festival all weekend but will do some more research over the week.

Is there any documentation anywhere on how to write custom scripts in Coinigy? Most platforms you'd use have such documentation (NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Genesis, MT4, etc..).

I'd like to look into it as I typically write my own things on my platforms.

I took a quick look and discovered Coinigy seems to have a REST API and a WebSocket API so pretty much any language which you can make interact with those should do the trick.

Hi there, I have been watching your videos and they have been super helpful, thank you for taking the time to make them, and I keep learning from them! 100% follower, if you make an Slack or Telegram group, please do let know.

Yeah, if I do make a group I will anounce it, but first I do need a market scanner, so I am working hard to source one, or find a programmer able to create it for me.. So please everyone try to find a scanner for us..

Since you don't have time to go through the coins everyday to see opportunities I will be able to do it for us most days.

Teach me what you will need to see and I will look for it for you. I am only on Bittrex right now. So until I open accounts at Polo or Kraken maybe we can just start at Bittrex for now.

Or, at least until cyberwolf's scanner is on line?

Its not easy to keep up with the market without a scanner.. Ok here is what i need: (1) I would need the scanner to update in real time (basically auto refresh itself every 5 seconds or 20seconds or something like that) (2) Im looking for a 10% drop in price withing the last 5mins (this way you have only results of coins moving down now.. after 5minutes without movement, it would no longer be at the top of the results list, or even it could disappear from the results) (3) some sort of exchange filter would be nice, so that I could monitor only the exchanges that I use (instead of getting tons of alerts from all exchanges) ..
Those are the requirements I would need in a scanner.. No human could spot a drop and alert me in seconds, like a scanner would.. lets hope cyberwolf or some other programmer helps us out ..

Hi Luc,

I have been working on a Market Scanner these past few days. I have something up and running. It only checks Bittrex at the moment, but I am going to add a few more exchanges in the next few days.

I think I've made it work the way you want. If not, I can tweak it to your requirements.

If you want to try it out just drop me a mail (dogphishtemp at and i'll send you the URL. If you think that it works good then i'll try and put this somewhere for everyone to access.

Here's a screenshot.


Awesome!! :D

looking really good, Thankyou.
If you need any other testers later on please let me know as I only trade on Bittrex currently

Sweet! I hope you put it out soon! game changer!

Awesome scanner!!! Thanks for taking the time to make this Michael 👌💰💪

Hey Luc! You've been a real inspiration for trading by sharing your videos. Thank you very much! Today is my first day jumping into the deep end. This is the chart I have.

I drew two yellow bases trading base on them. The circle is where I plan to buy. Am I getting the idea of bases? If not, poke many holes in it.

My second question is the blue base. When looking through the chart, that's a base I found. However, the chart never recovered when it broke the base. Is this a bad base or a weak chart?

hey, thanks for including a chart.. Ok so lets talk about this.. so panics are when bases are broken and all the buyers/holders are shaken out of there postions, they are surprised and panic sell, droping the price.. right? ... ok, so then when the panic stops, people start buying it back up to previous support... ok.. so.. it can now trade around in that area, beacuse we have just redifined a suport and resistance level..
Man this is hard to explain without video.. ok let me redraw your chart..

The green lines are your panics.. notice the length of the lines.. so this guides you on where you should put your buy orders.. the blue lines are where prices returned to there bases after the panics..
Anyways, its the same chart only maybe this might help you to see it a little different with more colors.. Sorry its not easy to explain in text as easy as it is for me in video.. but basically you need a panic of near the average length to be safe.. so if you buy in that circle you drew, then you should just nibble and wait for a drop to get more

Thanks Luc! I noticed this weekend it dropped/panic below the 2nd yellow line of 170 to around 140. It recovered back to 170 for a short time. I'm catching on!

On another subject, it would be cool for you to analyze this chart in one of your videos. The volatility is crazy! It seems like every hour there is a new base. Plus, the volume seems pretty good.

yup, i have been trading it.. but I missed that last crack as you can see.. my order was a little too low.. but i did catch 2 trades on BAT

Your chart is BAT/BTC. I'm showing BAT/ETH. It seems to have much larger swings. Have you checked out BAT/ETH?

Btw, I enjoyed your recent video. Good job.

no i didnt list BAT/ETH in my favorites.. but ill check it out

I am wondering the best way to keep funds ready on BTRX since all trades are in BTC but for days when BTC is going steadily down shouldn't these funds been in USD or USDT so we don't loose % when it is sitting?

thats a pretty common question..But its very hard to decide when and where to change back and forth, because its like trading forex and stocks at the same time.. As an example, if you owned a car lot, and you sold cars, would you trade in your USD for some other currency every so often and stop buying more cars/stock because USD vrs CAD or EUR keeps fluctuating up and down? Its like trading on top of trading, it gets complicated..
So what I do is keep a set amount of BTC and ETH for trading, and then I also trade BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT, with other moneys but not the set amount that I had set aside for trading pairs...
It helps if you believe that BTC and ETH will be worth alot more in the future, then its easier to set some aside for trading other coins..

That is a great angle at looking at it thank you Luc! Also am I in Vancouver and looking for a solid programmer to help out on this scanner project, will keep you posted. Cheers - Dolfski

Thanks for the motivation and fearless trading luc, even in these red times using your strategy of " 1st pull back always gives a bounce " I made my first small trade of 18%

the first pullback rule really applies to smaller timeframes... like 5min or 15min candles on a huge spike .. the trade you are showing here looks more like a base trade.. but it is very beautiful.. and very nice entry.. thanks posting the chart for us :)

Luc, do you think you could do a video just on selecting coins that are thin, just to trade small dollar amounts? I know you have mentioned it in other videos, but maybe a full video if possible?

An example would be CURE/BTC.

I know the strategy isn't the same, but is the idea that you just wait for a base to happen(a spot where price gave a strong bounce), and then just buy that support?

On these types of trades, do you take the stops when they happen if price wants to go a bit below the entry? Or are you holding and adding like typical?

An example of the strategy I am thinking about can be seen in the pic:

Note how the horizontal scribbles are the bases I am thinking about, and are formed when there seems to be a 'lot of buyers' from that price where price bounces. The horizontal line next to the scribble, is just the approximate buy area.

In that second to last example in the pic, you'll see I have a box around that one example, would that be an example of something that might be a potential loss in this two month span of data? Or would that be buying a bit lower and looking for the bounce as the typical strategy of buying the panic dips?

First let me commend you on using two months of data and reading the chart to understand the story.. thats the right mindset, thats exactly how you need to think to be successful..
Second, all of these trades are on small amounts of money because the coin is thinly trades so there is never much at risk, but the percentage very good, so you will be playing with the house money before you know it..
I dont ever use stops, ever... I risk an apropriate amount, and if it drops i work off the new low.. Heres the thing, your choices for thin Coins have to give you high high percentages, like 30-100% per trade to be effective.. so that your playing with the house money quickly.. because if it drops you dont get hurt.. and in a drop then you can just start again at a lower price and then in the next big pop you make a ton.. ok, i really should do a video on this subject beacue there seems to be alot of questions about this... ill make one in the next few days and really explain this ...

Luc one other thing about news.

In the chance that you are trading a coin, and crazy news hits and causes something that is beyond a panic drop, do you have any sources that you go to, to search for such news?

Like ForexFactory typically has news about what is going on in various Continents each day. Is there anything like that for cryptos that you know of?

Just so that you would have an idea if a SERIOUS drop is in the works?

I have no good news source yet.. I rely on trollboxes

What are some of your favorite trollboxes? Ever since Kraken took theirs down, I haven't had a good source to turn to.

Awesome,! I've been wondering about trading the low volume high volatility coins! :)

Does Coindera count? or is it just basically the same type of alerts that can be set with Coinigy? (darn it, Luc. ya got me pronouncing it the same way now 😄)

I gave coindera a try but you have to keep setting up alerts over and over for every coin.. i was pretty excited to use that app but it didnt work out for me, because its way quicker to just use coinigy and set alerts than to scroll though all the coins every time you want to set up an alert..

Hi Luc. Thanks again for your help. Is it possible you explain a bit about limit orders in your next video?. It is my story. In the morning I usually went to my job and during the day some of my orders are triggered, but because I weren't in PC I could setup (FAST) the sell orders. I discover this feature so I think it could be helpful for all of us. Thanks again.

Im not sure what your question is? I only ever write limit orders, I let the market come to me. I set my order and then when I buy something, I set a new sell order where i want to sell.. We dont have conditional orders/ "what if" yet in crypto the way you are doing it is the only way possible while you are away from the computer..

Spent part of an afternoon yesterday setting alerts and none of them have gone off do you set enough so that it never happens or do you have days like this

I always have days like that.. we can only set so many alerts.. but today its ETH time

Canada-tothemoon, I am experience a slow day today too. I was wondering if Sundays are slower than the rest of the week. But, I'm still sitting in front of the puter looking for good opportunities.

Hi quickfingers! Do you think it is worth getting in on ICOs? I've noticed that many coins drop hugely in value after being listed - so is it cheaper to get them after the drop, once they're on the exchange?

It depends on the ICO.. The really well advertised ICOs have been dropping as soon as they hit exchanges lately.. but there are so many things to consider, because they are all different.. like EOS with crowd funding for an entire year?? you cant make one general rule, when each ICO is different

Hey everyone. I found this short guide to investing in cryptos when I was browsing various crypto forums. I'd seen some people who follow and comment on Luc's posts asking about the subject and thought it might be of interest to you all. Hope it helps.

"Making a Million Dollars" from cryptocurrency subreddit's /u/BTC2018:

Just a heads up, I'm a trading and investment newbie so the post I'm linking to might not be as worthwhile as I think it is. It seems sensible to me though. From what I can tell it looks like it can be utilized simultaneously with Luc's methods. Luc's trading style for short term,and the info I linked to for long term investing (0.5-5 years).

Hey Luc,

following along a bit, it has been very interesting, thanks for all the input!

However, some of my trades didn't bounce as I expected, so I probably bought off the wrong base or thought it would go higher than it did. However, to avoid this from happening again, I got some ether for around 125 € (so around 145 dollars) and I had a conditional close in there for selling the order at 147 € (where the small circle is in my chart), which was still below the prior base. The price then peaked back to around 143 €, and it went down again from there. Then I somehow had the thought that the little peak over two hours might already have been the peak back to the base and we might have a new base. Is the short base that I put into the graph strong enough for the major base Ether cracked before? Or do you think the "real bounce" is still gonna happen? I am also in with a small amount of BTC and hope for the big bounce, but not sure whether it's gonna happen. To be sure that I don't have even more bearish Ether left in my account ;-), I then sold the Ether for a minimal profit as you can see in my chart. So I was just wondering about your opinion, and maybe where you bought and whether you sold at that first peak already. Cheers.

Ether Chart

no harm done, you sold early, but you make a profit and thats all that counts.. it was a good trade.. you marked your base, you bought in the safety circle and you sold for profit.. all good in my book.. You will never get the perfect bottom or perfect top everytime.. heres my current chart

Thanks so much luc on considering the telegram idea =)... of course a market scanner would be ideal for all of us..

Actually there's a market scanner called cryptoping that does a simmliar thing but I haven't test it out... Perhaps it could function the same way?

Hi Luc, Can you talk about this ETH chart? It dipped below the base- fell quite far yesterday. I bought at $139 and sold at $175 which was a good trade, but it doesn't look like it did a normal bounce back up to the base. How do you read it? Thanks!

looks totally normal to me.. and you did a great trade..

Here's the chart:

I think its normal. I thought that bounces are linear too for some reason, but I checked out some charts and there are few dips/selloffs before it touches back up to the base.

Hey Luc,

Your videos are what finally pushed me to start trading, thanks a lot for the great content!
I'm still making plenty of mistakes but also learning along the way, looks a lot easier when watching your videos.

Managed to get some profitable trades during the recent carnage
Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 19.28.09.png

Can you please take a look at these graphs:
still waiting for a bounce

am I defining these bases correctly? Especially numbered 6 and 7

would you consider all of these bases? The price movements are quite huge off each one. Or would you only consider base 3?

is base 3 valid? I seem to be having trouble with bases that appear higher than the previous base (sold near the top, so it was a profitable trade)

I think you are doing great drawing bases.. im not sure about SYNX base 1.. i dont see the bounce on it that would define a base for us... and THC number 1 and number 4 are questionable.. but understand that using a large bounce to define a base is really overkill.. I want only the most safe trades, all the trades above will likely work, but I want to see a real big reaction bounce in order for me to qualify a base..
You are doing great, and thank you for the chart work.. excellent

thank you for the kind words.

Problem now is that I'm having a hard time finding good setups, can it be days in between such high probability opportunities?
Do you find trades in crypto world every day?

Oh yeah.. eveyday there is many opportunities.. you have to use some tool to find them tho, that and read a bunch of charts.. in Apps at the top of coinigy is market watch, then sort that list by % change and look for whats down on the day.. then press launch and scroll your chart out to a 1 1/2 month view and drawy your bases...

I just checked that app and the only pair pulled up was EOS/USD. Is there a setting perhaps I'm not using to get the bigger picture?

Yeah, you have to add coins to your favorites.. Market watch only watches your favorites

Thanks Luc & Rock should def makes things a little more organized for me!

You might need to add more coins to your favorites list. You can do that by clicking on the star near the name of the coin on the right side of the window. Alternatively you can right click the coin from the exchange list on the left side of the window and a menu will pop up with more options.

Hiya Luc
First off, thankyou very much for all your hard work.
After watching your videos for first time the other day, have started trading in a small way.
Thought I had it cracked then watched your support/resistance video.
On the below chart, is the $145 or The $140 level correct for the ETH/USDT pair
16/072017 please?

yup, thats the bases

Thankyou for guidance, your input is priceless

Just watched your latest video and you answered my questions and some!.
Set my new base at $135
Hope migrane passes soon mate

Coincidentally to Coinigy team announced that Algotrader 4.0 is now trading through Coinigy. Hmmm.... makes you wonder if your Steemit post and video had any influence on the timing of this announcement?

Hi Luc! I'm wondering if I have read this correctly - there's the base, but then there's a massive huge safety circle... It seems too big. What should I be thinking?

wow what a dive.. I looked back at the chart and MAID has been safe to trade to this point.. its a good chart.. so I would have bought on the way down on that one.. and would have expected a bounce back to the 17s... it looks like it did give a quick spike at one point, but its hard to say.. if your not in, i would put the new base at 12s and if you are in, it will likely still bounce for you.. but with the consolidation down there, the bounce may only be a spike.. so have your orders ready..

This is a different trade, but I completely don't understand what happened here? I'm glad I waited it out, though!

Hey luc,
Your page is such mental food ive learned more watchin your vids then the last four months researching. I have question for you. Can you elaborate more on what is a safety circle??

Basically if you looked back in the chart and drawn in your bases, and the drawn in your safe circles (where you would have bought) then you can calculate your odds of success... after you do that you will know how safe this next circle will be.. as an example if you would have a had a profitable trade 9 times out of the last ten base cracks/panic dives.. then your next safety circle has a 90% chance of success.. thats a pretty safe circle..

If you want to see this feature go to search for "market scanner" and click the "thumb up" button

Hey Luc,

I'm also a programmer and if I had more time I could easily write a program to do this for you. I could even make it into a webapp so everybody can use it. If there's enough interest then I might see if I can find some time to sink into this.

What other tools do you need to switch to trading crypto full-time?

Also thanks for all your videos. It's not very often you find someone willing to share their trading experience without trying to sell you something. Your method is really interesting and I've already used to profit off some small trades. I've been wanting to post since the weekend but my Steem account only just got activated.



I think a lot of people in this group have interest in a scanner that works.

hey, thanks for offoring to help with this scanner project.. I have already gotten alot of responses to this and there are some guys working on it now.. but Ill keep you in mind if it doesnt work out with them.. I want the scanner to be availible for everyone.. so Ill be posting a link as soon as its ready

Hey Luc, well I guess I really liked the idea of making a Coinigy scanner so I wrote one over the weekend. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, I've released it for free and I won't ever charge for it. You can find it at If there are any features you'd like to see implemented I'll be happy to do so :)

I only ask that if you link to this scanner on your Steemit page, please link to my Steemit post above as opposed to the site directly so I can try to promote my Steemit page!


Thanks for working on a scanner.. I just went to take a look.. My first suggestion would be to make the page auto refresh .. Please see my latest video about the new telegram scanner and try it out.. You will get some good ideas from it.. I think your scanner does hold promise, and if you get it to auto refresh, I will give it a try.. I just dont have time to keep pressing that refresh button all day.. but thanks so much for trying to help out our trading community.

Actually his scanner does do auto refresh. The Refresh Now button is just an addition for an on demand scan.

I'm a programmer...I consider doing a crypto robot. what is the motivation for sharing this scanner with many people? is it better when many people using this strategy ? What i'm thinking is, the more people trade this strategy, the price fall, will be smaller (it will fall less)..because you have more buyers who use this strategy.

Generally, i can do this scanner for free for you. I only need your help in designing the detection you need. My wish is to create a fully automated robot. You think its possible ? I'm thinking of doing base/buyers detection with neural networks. but not sure..maybe there is an easier way.

In 1-2 weeks I finish some robot i'm making, then i can move to a crypto robot.
my email is [email protected] if its interesting for you.

We are soooooo far as a group using my strategy to ever cause an effect to the market.. but yes, if many traded this way, then the market would become more stable.. As far as a robot goes, I have never seen one manage to make decisions like a human.. because every situation is different, and it only takes one bad trade to really hurt you, if say your computer algo started buying when there was horrible news hitting the wires.. I would see the level 2 react and I would get out quick, but a robot would possibly keep buying.. i dunno, there are lots of variables

i'm thinking if 100 guys would have a scanner. probably more would really use this strategy. so i you got 100 guys X 1000$, thats 100,000$ money power. on small pair, it can make a HUGE effect.
I'm building robots for Media buying..the more people use it, the less it will work because of bid wars.

Anyway, once i get free i'll make the scanner at least. As for robot, yes, it can even detect the news. You can make news analysis and it will not even trade on suspicious news.
We are in the age of self driving cars. Everything is automated. its only a question of how long it takes, to make it completely automatic.

Best is to do it gradual.
i'll start with a scanner for market price drops.
later can work on algorithm for base detection.
working manually with these..later thinking of more automation. But lets first make money with these.

a scanner that would find bases would be awesome, but hard to code.. It would have to identify a bounce that created a base then a new low from that base of 5% or more.. something like that.. it would almost have to be a chart scanner, not a coin scanner.. i dunno.. big project i think

Hello Luc,
I tried to do a simple scanner which can detect changes considering "last price" values (what is shown on the chart) or changes considering "order book" values

I will keep working on it since it's too basic

I've posted a screen where i've set 4 times (5mins, 20 mins, 40mins and 60 mins)

what do you use 5 mins timeframe for? I've noticed that with longer timeframes you can detect broken bases more easily, but what about 5 mins?
Do you use that for really fast trades? (implying it's not a dump)

Kind regards

the market scanner is really only to spot daytrades.. as far as bases go, the simple alerts that we can set up on coinigy is fine.. I have some programmers already developing market scanners for us.. so soon we will have something for everyone

Ok thanks for the info Luc!

I thought the market scanner was intended for the bases but I was not finding it useful for this... instead it is very useful for spotting fast drops which can be exploited!

yup.. market scanner for daytrading drops and pops.. alerts are for bases

Hi Luc. I'm not sure if it could work for this project as a scanner. I downloaded app Boilr in my (android phone) and set up manually every coin in Bittrex with a change of 10% in 5 minutes and that update every 5 seconds. I have so many alerts but the most are only burst of less 1 minute from very low volume coins so the price return so fast and it is imposible to get that opportunities. I made some experiments with this app and could be useful for identify bases also. Im not sure if I should select coins with a minimum volume over $100.000 trade everyday to have time to use this signals. Pd. Yesterday I was watching in BTC the price changed about 1% in 1 minute. What do you think?

I have a few guys developing scanners that are already working very well.. tomorrow one programmer will be giving me the go ahead to release a beta version... so stay tuned.. there are three promising scanners in the works.. Ill be using them all...and explaining them in video

so excited for this!

Would love to beta test this. I have been looking for a scanner since I got into crypto. I look for panic drops and also love to ride the uptrends and jump right in after a pull back. Also down to chip in on building it!