You do know the kid is F2M and they won't let him compete with the boys, right? You are aware of that, right???

Because she would get destroyed. So let it take hormones to be more manly and own the women...makes sense.

He's been trying to compete against boys. Also your attempt at dehumanizing this kid by referring to them as "it" says more about you than it does about them.

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I am never seen it before...
That is so funny...
Good luck 👍👍👍

Wasn’t there a transgender MMA fighter who was a dude and he/she/it broke a woman’s face (can’t remember if it was jaw, eye socket or nose?) These people are insane and the people who allow it or even more insane for accepting it.

OMG, I found the stupidest person on I with something?

It is exactly a boy beating up on girls, because Texas is a backwards ass state that forces boys to compete in the women's league because God or some shit. So this meme is technically correct just not for the reasons you believe.

exuberant & significant!