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A little throwback post to a trip we had in Cape Town 2015, where we went up the cable cars of Table Mountain. Table Mountain is an incredible landmark in South Africa, one of the most iconic places in South Africa!






The name of the mountain comes from its natural shape of its basically flat top of the mountain, and not only does it look beautiful from afar but the view on top of the mountain is also unbelievable.





This is the view of the city of Cape Town from the top of the mountain... everything looks so small and the sea absolutely amazes me, it is so vast.




I fell in love with all the beautiful and unique flowers and nature on top of the mountain.


And the mountain ranges in the distance are so incredible.



In the picture below you can see the donut-shaped building, that is the stadium in Green Point where most concerts and rugby games take place, it was built specifically for the 2010 soccer World Cup. The stadium currently has seating capacity of 58,309 which is crazy to think when you look at how small it looks from the top of the mountain.



To the right you can see Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.



Below is a picture of Devils Peak with a light cloud veil on.




When you do visit the top of Table Mountain, you have got to stop by this little shop called "Shop at the top" and grab yourself a little souvenir! There is also a little eatery so you can grab a bite to eat while enjoying the gorgeous views!



I absolutely loved this trip up the mountain, we went up and down using the cable cars but there is also a way to hike up and down the mountain, or hike up and ride the cable car down! I am however not a hiker so I think the hiker is quite rough... But I can imagine its an incredible experience!


Also, just how cool are these little pink flowers growing amongst the rocks.🌸

A fun fact for my South African friends, if you take you ID with you on your birthday, you can get a free trip up the cable car at Table Mountain!

For anyone wanting to head up the mountain, check out the website to see the weather conditions and times of the cable cars going up and down. If the weather conditions are bad you may not be able to head up. https://www.tablemountain.net

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you take a beautiful pictures. And this place its awesome

Thank you! It is one of my favourite places I have visited, the pictures really don't do the place justice!

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Ah thank you, I will definitely check out pinmapple!🙂

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