«Countryside», part II (7 pics)

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Posting today a photograph of the village of Orlovka, I remembered that last fall I was driving in that area and took some photos.


The village is located on both banks of the river and is divided by a bridge into two districts.


On this bridge like on many others in the world is also hanging locks.


The western district of the village.


The eastern district.


And around the village are the river, hills and forests. Beauty!



Thank you for attention. :)

The village of Orlovka, Southern Ural, Russia.
September, 2017.

text and pictures by @alexanderfluke
click on the image to view in full size


very nice scenery! love it

Very beautiful village. It looks a bit isolated (which is a good thing, imo)

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Awesome pictures!!

Thanks :)

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Спасибо за публикации о России и русских деревнях.

Подробнее о Ru Trail.
Сообщите, если не желаете получать от нас комментарии.

Большое спасибо! 👍