Sungai Lembing - Day 2

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Day 2 of my trip. Joined a tour to view the 2 most popular destinations in Sungai Lembing. The sea of clouds during sunrise, and the rainbow waterfall. There was a thunderstorm the night before, the sky is cloudy and I'm hoping the sky will clear.

Departed on a modified 4wd pickup early in the morning, drove up some really rough roads and arrived at the appropriately named "sunrise hill". The sky was still cloudy so the sunrise was partially obscured, but the clouds really made up for it.

Stating the obvious

Sea of clouds

After enjoying the view and hearing some interesting stories from the guide, we departed towards the rainbow waterfall. It was quite a distance as we had to drive for about 40 mins on off road trails. Everyone got bounced around quite a fair bit.

Arriving at the location, we had to hike about 1.2km to reach the waterfall. My legs screamed in horror. Hike was alright though, except for the last bit where we had to climb rocks.

Mushrooms on the trail floor

The clouds had cleared up by then and the guide was confident we'll be able to see the rainbow, lo and behold, he was right.



Long story short, good day, saw the sea of clouds, hiked and saw the rainbow, hiked back, collapse in bed from exhaustion.

To be continued in day 3