Bay of Fires

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Nature sure is nailing the complimentary colour scheme of orange and blue. This place is a visual feast - sugary white sand, a sapphire horizon and crystal shores are punctuated with huge boulders draped in the regions iconic vibrant orange lichen. The Bay of Fires on the east coast of Tasmania is gorgeous.


I was walking along a beach listening to the squeaky sound the white sand made under my feet and watching turquoise waves curl up and lick the shore ahead of me. Majestic seabirds fought over a fish further up and a sailing boat with sleek white sails cruised by. I thought this place truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world.




Turns out that Lonely Planet thought that too back in 2009 and since then it has become a tourist hot spot. Yet despite its fame, even in peak season, the sheltered coves remain secluded. On a sunny summer day, I found a place that felt like my own private paradise.






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this is so awesome i hope u had a great time there, i wish i could go too :) where is it located?

Sure is @randyxrodriguez. Best place ever - and you can camp right beside the beaches in places too!

yes, could you tell me, in which country is it, I was planning to go on vacation but didn't really had a idea of where to fly to xx

Oh it is on the east coast of Tasmania . That little island state at the bottom of mainland Australia.

We traveled in Tasmania 3 years ago and did visit the Bay of Fire. Tasmania overall is just breathtaking we love it!...And we did camp right next to the beach a little before the Bay of Fire...Awesome view for our breakfast!IMG_0401.JPG

Thanks for ntroducing ua a new place.Have a nice travel.It is an authentic & so beautiful photo that you capture.
I wish you were a famous photographer.
@resteem & follow has done.
Wait for your upcoming post.

I already know you had massive fun.

My hobbies are traveling, travel is my passion ...
I love traveling, I support the travel

Amazing place with beautiful view, and these kind of places always reflect as, created for an particular reason, and if you carefully watch all these pictures then it will surely reflect as an art created by the nature's creator because those colourful rocks, and the combination beautiful sea water and rocks around water, so thanks for sharing this breathtaking and eye-catching pictures because these type of places really help us to forget our burden and breathe freely while taking an calm walk around this place. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Thanks @chireerocks. Nature's creator has the most amazing sense of style.

Welcome and i really agree with your words. 🙂

Nice sea and sky beautiful. Good landscape @bridgetbunchy

Interesting that the rocks have the orange in them. Is it a mineral in the rock or is it an algae growing on top of the rocks? Maybe it is neither one. Beautiful place to covet all by yourself.