Bypass the highway with me – Oatlands Tasmania

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This little village is home to the largest number of colonial sandstone buildings of any town in Australia - eighty seven in total. With a population of around 500 people, it is a quiet yet utterly fascinating place, well worth ambling around. A stroll up the street to read the information plaques reveal the extend of history that has been preserved.




The icon of the town is Callington Mill, a fully restored mill built in 1837. This is the only operating Georgian mill of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It was a little sad to see that the information centre on the grounds had been closed, but visitors are free to wander the extensive grounds. The mill is still producing flour and rolled oats; which can be purchased from the nearby grocery store.



Lavender, roses and perfectly manicured gardens, coupled with all the gorgeous old buildings make this one photogenic town. The pancake and crepe shop opposite the mill is filled with a rather opulent looking teapot and pottery collection and the smell of homemade cinnamon scrolls. There is a curious collection of antique and provincial style vintage shops that make for a lovely afternoon wander.







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beautiful photos, I want to go there

Hi @pujaisma - Thank you! It is certainly a beautiful spot to visit.

do you like this photo?

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Such great timing, we just visited the mill yesterday as we were driving from Launceston to Hobart. Taking time off from the highway was a great way to break up the drive.

Are you a Tasmanian local? We are heading off to Port Arthur tomorrow but just wondering if there's anything else we should catch in the surrounds of Hobart.

I've given you a follow; I look forward to seeing more from you.

So cool to see this flick up on our Steemit stream after literally taking photos of it the other day!

Hi @forexbrokr - That is a gorgeous angle to capture the mill from!

Hi @calathea - That is so very cool! We may have even crossed paths. I am not a local (yet), just thoroughly enjoying touring around Tasmania as it is all new to me too.

It's great to see another person enjoying the sights that we have been enjoying. What else is on your list?
I highly recommend checking out the natural rock formations around Eaglehawk Neck; we did that yesterday and I loved it.

One of the best I have read, will remain in the mind of everyone who sees this wonderful place

Looks like a quaint little northern English town with all the cobbles.

Indeed @tonysayers33. Just worlds apart in distance.

Very primitive place, has the beauty of history

love these pictures!