I look forward to Paris - Paris does not look forward to me

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Attention Paris - I am coming


Off to Paris
The short break is booked. I still have to pack my suitcases but it won't take long and I'm going to Paris. But what did I have to see yesterday? Notre-Dame had caught fire and was about to disintegrate.

It quickly became clear to me that Donald Trump's advice had to be followed via Twitter. We need fire-fighting planes that fly over Paris and drop the masses of water. But nobody wanted to listen to the good old president.

Notre-Dame was built between 1163-1345. In between, of course, renovations were carried out such as paint on the walls and so on, but otherwise everything was good.

This means that this building has existed for ages. A very very long time.

Now that I have booked the holiday, planned the route and almost packed my suitcase, the fire breaks out? Nothing has been given for a long time, but if I want to go to Paris, everything will be destroyed?

It's still a good two weeks until I'm in Paris. I am looking forward to it but I have the strange feeling that Paris thinks differently about it. I think, until I get there, the Eiffel Tower will break apart and Versailles Castle will also be burned down.

No matter, the main thing is that there will be a bakery so I can have my baguette.

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