Exploring Scotland for a bit of fun

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Somehow I scored some days off in July, and I decided to climb Ben Nevis (with my wife) for the lack of anything better to do. It was an adventure, to begin with, as the train tickets were close to £500 from my place, and there is no security, they can be on strike still, for what I know. I scored some cheap flight tickets on Easyjet, I started with £140, but after I paid for seats and other fees/taxes, the final amount was £230. Did not complain, still better than 500, and it is only an 80 minutes flight, instead of 14 hours on the train.

That being done, finding a reasonable price for the accommodation was a great challenge, but I did find something central enough. I have something in mind, and the schedule is loose, as the first day we are just getting used to the place, the second day climbing Ben Nevis, the third day if we can still walk, taking the Jacobite Express for a scenic route. If you don't know, the Jacobite Express is a steam train, also known as the Hogwarts Express, being featured in the Harry Potter movies, and you can see some of the places while on the trip, including the spectacular viaduct (I will make plenty of pictures, I can assure you).

What can I say, wish me luck, I will enjoy the trip, every step of the way. But, until then, I still have 2 weeks of work. I cannot wait! Yahoo! Any HIVE friends living around Fort William or Mallaig?

That's all for today.

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Sehr schön. Wohne nicht in oder um Fort William, bin hier allerdings sehr oft gewandert. Großartige Gegend.