The Flying Bandits - Ride to Varanga

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Hello Steemers,

Our next ride was to this beautiful temple in Varanga, Kere Basadi (Kere means lake and Basadi means shrine/temple) is a beautiful Jain Temple located in middle of a lake. It is believed that this temple has history of 850 years!!! The only way to reach this temple was via small boat.

As usual we started of the ride early morning. Below picture was taken somewhere along the way.

Photo taken at our breakfast stop, we take too many photos :D

My bae <3

The Kere Basadi

Heading over to the temple

If you observe closely, lots of fishes!

Training the fishes :D

Cool place to hangout :D

Had a good meal near by the temple

And after having a fresh pineapple juice in a place called Soans Farm near Moodbidri, and headed out back to home

~The End~

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Amazing place and shots dude!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! upped your post as well.

@karthikrao. Awesome photos anna. Bahala chennagide. Odi tumba kushi aythu. Nanna hathiraanu Duke 390 idey :)

Very nice triplog.

Thanks you @topdog! Illi Kannadadalli barda nimma comment nodi thumba kushi aythu :)

Stunning! I have another place I would like to go to. Lovely!🕉

Keep following me and you will have even more :) Many of my travel blogs still in pipeline, so stay tuned ;) and thank you soooo much for resteeming my post! <3

Wow really good quality pictures ! Thanks for sharing this :)

Nice gang, on the hard road and on silky water :-)

nice post :) upvoted!!

Thank you!!! :)

Absolutely incredible! Keep up the travelling your clubs name the Flying Bandits!

Thanks bro! :)

No worries bruda!