Barkada Outing at Uraya Beach Resort - Samal Island

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Barkada Outing.jpg

It’s already pitch-black when we manage to settle into the shoreline of Uraya Beach Resort. The mishap along the way deterred us to enjoy our first night at the beach because we’ve lost transition and almost got to Kaputian as no one among us really knew the way to Brgy. Jan Jose, Pena plata, samal island.


My adventures in Samal Island has already taken me into numerous resorts that is oozing with scenic views and visual features but although every beach offers the same charming view, it just never gets old for my wandering soul thirsty of vitamin sea.


As the night prevailed, we settled ourselves under a huge talisay tree where we put our rented tables and chairs then started cooking for our dinner. We pitched our tents surrounding the tables giving a campsite vibe setting. The night is special to our friend Eddie as he is celebrating his 24th birthday with us at the beach.. Under the talisay tree.. With our friends he considered family.. And of course, with booze to enjoy our solidarity.

I capped the night drunk from the vicious soul of four(4) bottle mix of Tanduay x Jamaica while they continued mixing the last pair of the booze as I am already surfeited with the alcohol. We were just squatting at the shore the whole night reminiscing the camaraderie of the group since 2000s. Fun times really never gets old when you are with real genuine friends eh?.




I woke up from the loud noise of the speaker beating at the entrance of my tent. They were trying to wake me up so we can go swimming early in the morning. As I get out of my tent, I let my feet buried by the powdery sand and feast my eyes in the glistening sparkles of the sun. During the course of the next minutes, I found myself swimming at the cold sea water of Uraya Beach together with my wife and friends. Later on we went to the break water that has a mini port and a raft where we enjoyed the rest of our remaining time under the brightness of a full sun.





It was only then from afar that I was able to really appreciate the overall setting of Uraya beach. The beach has nothing special to offer but the place is very clean and natural. The wide field of bermuda grass is perfect for camping events such as beach parties or team building. The place is very solemn, no annoying noise of karaokes, just the sweet music of the birds chirping under the talisay trees. Comfort rooms are clean and with water. And as my wild imagination permits, the place is very perfect for the 420 Philippines event. Lol. Modesty aside, I would highly recommend the place for family outing and bonding.


We break camp around 11AM after hours of plunging the salty water of Uraya Beach and 12 noon we already departed. I thought that was the end of our awesome adventure, well, I was wrong, while we are on our way trailing the road back to Davao, our service multicab ran out of gas while climbing uphill. Lol. We had no choice but to literally push the cab until we reach the the peak of the climb. We were stranded for about an hour before a generous local offered a free ride for us to buy some gas. And finally, we got back home safe.

It was a beautiful day still as I remembered it vividly. The series of misfortunes on the road didn’t hinder us to celebrate not only the special day of our friend but also the solidarity of our friendship as well. The adversity we deal with only teaches us that in life, there are series of setbacks we will encounter along the way and it is a vital ingredient for us to grow wiser, smarter and braver each day. What matters most is that we are enjoying each and every ride we have, whether rough or smooth because at the end of the day, we have only one life opportunity to enjoy. As for me, it was definitely a one hell of an exciting ride. This will surely be on my epoch.

Resort Rates

Entrance Fee:

  • Daytour = P100
  • Overnight = P200


  • Table with chairs = P100
  • Open Cottage = P500
  • Closed Cottage = P700 - P1,000
  • No tent available (No fee if you have your own tent)


  • Grilling Station
  • Comfort Room
  • Shower Room
  • Wide parking area
  • Camping ground

How To Get There

  • From Davao City, ride a bus at Magsaysay Park bound to Penaplata, Samal Island and alight at Penaplata market 30-40Php ticket fare.
  • At penaplata market, hail a habal-habal motorcycle that will take you to Uraya Beach Resort. Fare is 30-50/head depending on your bargain.


  • From Davao City, Take a jeepney to Sasa Wharf then ride the barge going to Babak. Ticket fare 10Php
  • At babak, bargain a habal-habal motorcycle to take you to Uraya Beach Resort. Fare ranges 70-100Php depending on your bargain

PS: I will post this on my blog in a few days. :)

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That is a great place @lakawero, pretty soon i wish i could enjoy my summer in that destination.

this is just one of the many many great places in Samal Island @baa.steemit hehehe :)

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