That's awesome! Love the creative thumbnail btw ;)

Thanks! Crypto Dummies!

This such a good initiative and hopefully we all can also do something worthwhile because we have to give back what we earn here as a sign of appreciation for being on this platform. I love your plane this thrilling video.

followed/upvoted/jealous! I was supposed to go to Croatia later this year! I have some friends that live in Dubrovnik...had to cancel, but now I'm even more upset seeing your journey. Looks amazing..thanks for sharing! Next year I'm going..

Sounds like quite a trip you'll be making. I'll watch and see what kind of pictures and posts you make in the future.

Great!!! @lightenup eagerly waiting for the photos... Croatia is a great place .......

It should be good

Awesome 👏

that was very creative and thank you for posting

It's just started! Stay tuned for the Croatia Calling series : )~

Yea it was. Followed u too!

Ha ha....entertaining and funny...keep up the good work.

Amazin IndianaJones adventure vid. Cool one!

The opening title made me crack up! Eagerly looking forward to the first episode and beyond - this is precisely the type of content I've been looking for on Steemit.

Hahaha...good stuff. It will be interesting to see what I come up with

That picture reminds me of the adventures of sinbad

Sinbad...I haven't considered that

Man youre having fun. It only shows how important travelling is in our lives.

get out and do it! use your Steem

Have to save it for my family. I just lost my job today.

sorry to hear foot in front of the other, two steps back and repeat. You can do it! Good luck and I mean that

Thank you.

well then let me see what you got in store :-)

well okay then! Come back to visit.

happy you replied since I didnt hit that follow button

but now

shame on

Would be interesting to learn whether you will come and visit the eastern region of Croatia that was the area mostly effected by the Balkans conflict in the 90's...There is much more to Croatia than the traditional tourist hot spots, come and experience the heart of Croatian hospitality in Osijek and Baranja!

I have a little over a week to explore. So we will see where the country takes me.

Thnaks Deano....I checked it out.

I take the ferry from Venice to Porec, I plan on meeting a few people there but then take off to see more of the country. Not sure the game plan yet, I will let the camera lens decide for me.

Have safe travels and if you need any tips on your trip let me know :)

Make sure to try this beer if you find it in Poreč. Hope you'll have a nice time.

I will definitely make sure that beer is more than sampled

Opportunities form great people, follow me and I follow you thanks

To be honest, I follow people that create great content related to my field and interest. Thnaks for the reply but you didn't engage.

Calm, no problem, it's good to know, because I want to grow up in this community.

Hey! Nice post you got there!!!

Crypto Dummies Production is heading to Croatia. Thanks!

Follow me for photos of my italian and european travels!

I will be in Italy next week for a few you use lighting?

No, I don't.

This was a great post. Thank you for sharing. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you future work!

It should be fun, a few good ideas and things planned ...stay tuned and I'll be doing some giveaways...

Thanks for the Re-Steem...I have some great content ideas for Croatia and also will going off the feedback from the comments (direction of content)

looks like it'll be a blast!

I'll be making content based off of future comments - should be interesting

Hope you having a great time traveling threw Croatia.

If you travel by close my location (Philippines), Please give me a message. We can take some travel together. Wish you the best travel.

Will follow you profil and upvote Please follow me at @mglowas

Best Regards, yo

Now you're talking! We will have to see the success of the next two weeks; it's possible I might take the whole summer off and travel with Steemit Vlogs...time will and my content will tell. Cheers to the Isles of Hope

follow obviously!

Things are looking good, hope you get there safely buddy and don't forget to post and let us enjoy those photos :)

waww.. it is great

Wawwwwwww in Croatia...soiunds like a future Vlog

I was so cheered when I saw that you're coming to my country. Lucky guess - going to Split and Osijek? :) can't wait for the brief video. Cheers!

I'm arriving in Porec July 1st. The camera will take me someplace...not sure yet.

I guessed this cities cos of ATMs :) welcome and have a pleasent stay!

Have a wonderful journey...

i thought i would share this update on Steemit website views
follow me and i will follow you

nice story

Great post! Keep it up :)
By the way, I'm following you now

interestet to see more

what would you like to see?

Totally looking forward to this! Love the production =D

it should be fun...DodgyDave...hahahhahaa

This is great! Lets build a big community here for travelers! upvoted and followed!

Yes and YES!

Welcome to Croatia! You will enjoy here, you`ll see :)))

Where are you in Croatia? Let's have a Steemit Meetup!!!!

Congratulations @lightenup

You took 23 place in my Top 100 of posts