how to cross the river by rural people.

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A few days ago in the framework of the routine holiday of Eid al-Fitr, I took the river to provoke the predators of the heavy current Hampala, Mahsheer, or our language called "Gegaring" which is very popular with anglers, which is very difficult to obtain.


Concentration, hope and prayer so that the bait caught by the fish is something that is passionate in the heart, but immediately all of it dispersed when from a distance I saw a rope above the river.


Out of extreme curiosity, I decided to take a closer look, it turned out that it was a suspension bridge made by someone or maybe the people around here to cross the river,


I noticed that the construction of the bridge is still very new and endangers the safety of its users because the piles are made of natural wood which is very difficult to guess the strength or strength is holding back.


While the materials found on the bridge are two strings of sling wire to be tied to pieces of wood as a footing and two ordinary wire threads at the top to hold.


under the bridge there was a very heavy river flow, someone chose this point probably because there was wood growing on two sides of the river.
I am asking why are they making this bridge? just across the forest maybe they farmed, or maybe they might pine pine or maybe take palm sugar to support life, I don't know!

What is clear is that I really applaud their struggle for life in the forest.
Until I decided to go home because the day was getting late.

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Wow, that is a very interesting bridge to see. It seems like it would be scary to cross. That looks like a pretty big river to fall into if you lost footing on the bridge.

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Interesting simple construction of a bridge to cross that river.